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The Whitening Pills - Comparison

I decided to make a comparison between all the various whitening pills esp in the aspect of ingredients.

As I am taking Lucent currently to try up the effectiveness.......

My 2 boxes of Lucent. Got it from a registered clinic in KL. Don't get cheated by the photo, the boxes are cute and tiny actually.

Both Lucent and Crystal Tomato boxes side by side.

According to the claimed by Lucent and EstheWhite, the PhytoflORAL tomato powder is the 3rd generation of Crystal Tomato carotenoid powder, which means their ingredient is much potent even though in a lower dosage.

This the TABLE i make for all few types of whitening pills available in Malaysia 's Clinic. All these medication are marketed through registered clinic. So if you got from unknown seller / online / non clinic centre, kindly question the source.

The ingredient in Crystal Tomato
 The ingredient in Lucent

I had never took EstheWhite before and can't find a photo with the actual ingredient of that product. If I have chance to try in future i will upload here k.

Here's the comparison for those Japanese brand whitening product, most of the product contains high dose of Vitamin C and L-Cysteine - at least double the dosage! However actually i do read from somewhere that L-Cysteine is actually of no use in whitening effect.


The ingredients in Japanese

The ingredients in Japanese

FANCL White Force

The down side of those Japanese brand whitening pill is that, you need to consume many tablets for the optimal effect.

For me, I think as long as the product is safe and able to deliver optimal result, with supplement in the product, then it's safe to take for long term. Another thing to consider is the price, for me Lucent's price range still acceptable. Hope can see a good result by then.

Till then.

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