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The Whitening Pills - Chocola BB Lucent C

- for Blemishes and Brown Spots on Skin

The CHOCOLA BB series is designed to provide support for women's beauty and wellness through a number of products, such as CHOCOLA BB PLUS® for treating acne and other skin troubles. The new CHOCOLA® BB Lucent C helps whiten blemishes and brown spots on skin, two of the most common skin problems for women, and the introduction of the product will enable Eisai to respond to more diversified needs related to skin care.

It is widely believed that the oxidation in pigment cells of skin (melanocytes) causes excessive melanin production, which induces blemishes and brown spots on skin.

CHOCOLA® BB Lucent C , a pharmaceutical product which contains 600mg of vitamin C and 240mg of L-Cysteine in an adult daily dosage (6 tablets per day) promotes whitening of black-melanine with a redox action. 
Containing a large quantity of L-Cysteine compared with other L-Cysteine consumer products, the CHOCOLA® BB Lucent C treats blemishes and brown spots at subepidermal level. 
Also, natural type vitamin E, vitamin B2 and B6 have been added to improve blood flow in the epidermis and normalize skin metabolism (turnover), and eventually restore healthy skin.

Active Ingredients (daily dose for an adult)
Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)...................600mg
Vitamin B2 sodium phosphate...................15mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6)...................20mg
Acidum succinicum d-- tocopherol (natural type vitamin E) ...................100mg
Inactive ingredients
Talc, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Titanium Oxide, Magnesium Stearate,
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose, Macrogol

Alleviation of the following conditions: blemishes and brown spots on skin, pigmentation caused by sunburn or rush
Vitamin C supplementation in the following conditions: physical fatigue, pregnancy and nursing, recuperation during and after sickness, aging
Prevention of bleeding from the gums and nose

Dosage and administration
Tablets should be taken with cold or hot water.
For an adult (15 years old and above), take 2 tablets, three times a day, before or after meals. For a child between 7 years old and 14 years old, take 1 tablet, three times a day, before or after meals. 
When compared to the Chocola BB Plus’ main compound is Vitamin B2, Chocola BB Lucent C is a pharmaceutical product that has Vitamin C and L-cysteine as the main compounds. It softens the pigmentation resulting from freckles, spots, sunburn etc.
Chocola BB Lucent C works from inside our bodies to tackle existing skin spots or the root causes of spots, thus is recommended for anyone who wants to wants a brighten tone for their skin.

Disclaimer: Most of the product information from the product website.

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