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Chaton-Chatonne skincare submarine 享爱猫美肌潜水艇 - The Brand-new medical-beauty household product

Having problem with extremely dry skin ? 
NO time for facial in beauty saloon ? 
Don't want to spend so much money or time for Facial ?

Try the brand new medical beauty household product : 
Chaton-Chatonne skincare submarine 
"The Power of Youth"💗💗 A jolt launched by SUVIUS

A safe household program on micro cosmetic surgery without pain, blood, numbness and recovery period!

It's a product from Suvius Paris Cosmetic Lab. 

Currently being commercialize in China and started to get popular in Malaysia....

One time of Chaton-Chatonne skincare submarine = 100 times of skincare with essence facial mask. 

The absorption rate is 100 times of the ordinary daubing. 

When you start to do more skincare at 18, you'd like to keep your young skin condition like 18-year-old skin

It really a very good product. And it's not that expensive too...

For just RM 188, you will get:

1. Sterile packed micro-needle (for home micro-needling)
2. 5 ml energizing essence  (to be apply during micro-needling)
3. 10 ml anti aging essence (can be used for up to 7 days after the micro-needling session)
4. A moisturizing Face mask

It's very worth the money as you get to do your own facial at home, only need to do 1-2 times per months, with the price of only RM 188 per session. If buy 3 sets got discounted price also!!

Also, Chaton-Chatonne skincare submarine has Eight kinds of efficacy Against aging: Stimulate cell to grow, promote the growth of fibroblast, keep the skin young for a longer time. 

Here's the product testemonial photos~~

Contact me for further details ya:
wechat: kate-drqian
whatsap: 0125144761

Till then.

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