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My pregnancy Diary - Week 36

Coming to the end of this pregnancy, many things had change, be it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I thanks God for all His grace. 

Got transfer back to the department and state hospital I requested for work earlier this month, just nice after I served one year in a so-called district Klinik Kesihatan in melaka. Yea, I saw few of my junior colleagues complained and blamed the Ministry of Health for not approving their transfer or put them in waiting list or didn't give them an earlier transfer date, for whatsoever reason they claim. I felt those are childish comments and statements, some more coming out from people who hold a Professional position in government setting. I know I'm consider very very lucky compared to many others, and I had God's favor all this while, so I'm not in the correct position to judge, but I thanks God I didn't make those childish comment on public web page when I felt down or discourage. It's really a disgrace.

Once completed the 2 years compulsory housemanship training in HKL, I was given my MO-Ship placement in Perak, the state where I originated from. I was about to accept the offer until the 
last day of my HO-Ship, I decided to change my mind as that's the time when my wedding preparation gets hectic and I realize I have lots of things to settle in KL and Seremban area. So I submitted my appeal letter for new placement and at the same time accept the offer to float in Admin department of hospital. Since then, I spend about 4 months there till I finally got my MO-Ship placement in Melaka. Though I can't get into the department and hospital I requested in melaka, I thanks God for putting me in a Klinik Kesihatan where I only work office hours. 

By the mercy and grace of God, I manage to juggle between work and wedding preparation while I'm in melaka. So that's sum up my journey in Year 2014. Coming into 2015, I plan to stay in melaka till completed one year service then start apply for transfer back to Negeri Sembilan. With this, at least I don't have to travel to n fro melaka weekly and only see my husband once a week over weekend where we both will spend most of the time serving in church.

However, God has a bigger plan for us. 

Following the discovery of my pregnancy in end of Feb'15, I started to apply transferring back to Negeri Sembilam state on March15. It tooks about 6 months from the time of applying till the time Ministry of Health to approve until my current transfer, which took place on Sept15.

In between this 6 months, I had gone through disappointment, pressure from family n peers. My in law family keep asking me when m I transferring, I had to stay calm and told them to b patience all the time. Then my in law family oso keep pushing me to get support from some Datuk o Dato from political background to help (an usual way typical chinese always do when come to government procedure), but I keep reject the offer and don't want to use the 'back door', cause I felt shameful doing that! I really hate it when someone said I got the transfer because I use 'backdoor'. Now that I got my transfer without using any political help, I can proudly tell ppl off when they query about how can I get transfer so fast....

Anyway, my main concern now is the date of delivery, it's really an unpredictable date, only God knows what will happen next. I prayed for a smooth SVD and a healthy baby. 

Till then.

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