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My Pregnancy Dairy - The Discovery

By the Grace of our Almighty God, I got married on 6th December 2014 - to my awesome Bola husband and held an amazingly grand wedding ceremony in Seremban.

Still remember during wedding ceremony, so many ppl wish us - hope u guys fast fast get a kid, don't let both ur parents wait for so long. My response to this is always the same ' hhm, thanks for ur wish but no thanks cause I don't think I wanna get pregnant so fast '...

On our first night of marriage, I still remember, it's already very late when we reach home, but for the sake of contraception, Nick went to 7-11 in the middle of night to buy Condom. That's his first time buying and he came back telling me 'Condom is so expensive huh'. Lol.

So we went on our marriage life. Yea, Fairy Tale always end with a grand wedding plus the phrase 'And they live happily ever after' ... That's what most single person think about marriage as well.

But as a married woman (ok I can't believe I had step into the 'Aunty' world), wedding is not the ending, it's just a starting point for a new life. We both took another 3 days leave after the wedding, to settle all the post-wedding issue, such as returning bridal gowns to 3 different bridal houses, bank in the Ang pao money we received during the reception, clear all the pending debts for wedding as well as house renovation, go ikea buy some pending furniture that we don't have time to buy before wedding, etc.

Life goes on. I had my menstrual blessing on Jan 2015, which then I decided to plot a strict menstrual dairy for Calender Method plus Barrier Method family planning. Let me tell u this is the MOST unreliable family planning method. Failing rate ~99%. 

We had an unprotected sex on the week after my menstrual bleed because I forgot about the date and thought my body was in non-fertile period that time. Then I keep forgot to take Emergency Contraceptive pill until 72 hours later. I bought Postinor from Guardian 3 days after the unprotected sex cause I'm busy with work in melaka and forgot to buy each day after finish work.

Yea, I admit I took the Emergency Contraceptive Pill - Postinor, 2 tablets, 12 hours apart. One week later, I took one course again. Cause I'm so afraid of the conception. My LMP is 12thJan2015, the unprotected sex is on 20thJan2015, I mark it clearly on the Calender and hope for the next menstrual bleeding-to ease my worry for the conception.

Then life goes on, I'm just quite upset by my increasing weight and the amazingly good appetite I had. I blame all these to the pre-CNY season and post-wedding syndrome. I had my first Chinese New Year celebration in Seremban, as a daughter in law in my parents in law house. We then went back to my hometown in Ayer Tawar, Perak for few days. 

When we came back, I realize I'm getting easily tire, sometime felt nauseated for the most normal thing, and most importantly, my menstrual bleeding period which I had been waiting for, did not come after one week of the expected date. I was so so worry. Prob its the occupational habit, I keep have the thought of getting a pregnancy test done. 

I was so afraid to tell Nick about this, I know he did notice about my anxiety, mood swing as well as the concern about having delaying in menstrual bleeding, however he attribute all this to my negativity and my attitude.

On the 5th day of CNY, after I came back from my hometown, I manage to took the courage to ask Nick drop me at Guardian pharmacy to buy the Pregnancy Kit. I bought two.

I did not use the strip immediately after we reach home. Because I just think that I am not prepare to face the truth. From the day of my marriage, I never had the thought of 'having a baby'. This 'having a baby' thing is just beyond my imagination.

Nick watching Astro downstair when I finally felt the urgency to urinate. That's the first time I'm using that strip. Its a very convenient strip where u just need to hold the strip and urinate towards that labelled area. Then wait for few minutes. Alright, the line move quite fast, and by the time I calm myself down to look at the result, it's showing TWO lines... I was abit blur initially, as I thought two lines means no pregnant. Then when i look at it again, I was like " Oh... My..........." ......... *stunt+speechless+shock+silent for 5 minutes"
I shouted for Nick from the toilet upstairs and he came towards me. I am sure he had the same feeling as me because we both didn't expect this at all... He comfort me for a while, then went on to sit in front of the dressing table. So that afternoon, me sitting in the toilet, Nick sitting in front of the dressing table...SILENCE. 

I test it on another strip on the next day and found the same result. 

So after two time UPT strip postive, both Nick and I called our parents to inform the news, its on the 5th day of CNY... Of course our parents are happy. Just my mum heard the fear and my trembling voice, and ask me what happen to me. Yea, i admit i almost cried when I called my mum, cause i know I am not ready at all...

However, at times goes, we had accepted the fact.

I used the pregnancy calculator Apps on my iPhone to check the EDD. This the result. I do hope that the delivery date will fall at the end of Sept or early Oct.

Will update on the pregnancy progress soon.

Till then.

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