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How to submit your SKT on HRMIS

Like lots of government servant, I used to be so confused about this HRMIS / SKT (Sasaran Kerja Tahunan) thing. And because I don't have a desktop at home, and previously HRMIS webpage can only be log in using Internet Explorer, which complicates the whole process of submitting this SKT thing.

However, to all the government servant, this SKT submission on HRMIS is very very important, it will affect your Kenaikan Gaji and Kenaikan Pangkat. I realize this only after I notice my basic salary not increase for few months despite all my other friends who are from same batch as me already had Kenaikan Gaji for few months. Then I called back the admin office and realized my kenaikan gaji stuck due to my incomplete SKT submission. And I know I didn't submit my 2014 SKT because it's so tedious and I just ignore it during 2014... At the same time, my colleague in my current Klinik Kesihatan also share with me regarding how her Kenaikan pangkat from UD44 to UD48 stuck because her SKT submission in 2013 is not complete.

So now we realize how important this SKT is, and usually, no one will help you for your SKT submission, unless you have a very good and hardworking PT (Pembantu Tadbir) who are always there to help you with this thing.

However, most of us House Officer / Medical Officer knew that these clerk / PT in government sector, be it those sitting in admin office or those suppose to assist in clinic one, ALWAYS MIA / MC / on Leave / EL / Kursus etc etc. You will usually feel it when you try to call them to settle some of your admin stuff. Government sector working hours is 8am-1pm then 2pm-5pm, but usually by 830am you still can't reach them one, and by 1230pm they will be going off early to hantar anak/beli barang etc etc and they only come back office by 230pm. Familiar scenario huh?!

Well, since I just completed my SKT submission for 2014, and the whole process is still fresh in my mind, so I decided to write on the step by step guide of SKT submission on HRMIS webpage for future reference. And if you are a fresh clueless house officer who happen to stumble upon this blogpost, I do hope this post did offer some help and guidance to you.

Alright, let's start.

Oh forgot to mention, now that HRMIS login page can be access and open by Mozilla Fox and Google Chrome, makes it much easier for us to complete our SKT submission at home using either laptop or desktop.

First, you need to login to the webpage. Very easy, just go to Google, type " hrmis login ", the webpage will appear, like this....
Click on the http://hrmis2.eghrmis.gov.my/

You will be directed to this page...
Log in to the page. The username is your IC number, password is your preset password. If you are a first time login user, the password is you IC number as well. But if you can't login, i suggest you to give a call to you own hospital / pejabat daerah 's HRMIS department and ask the person in charge to reset your password. Once they reset, the password will be your IC number. You can change your password once you successfully log in to the page.

Ok, this is the page you are redirected to once you successfully login...
Ignore all those other stuff, go to Pengurusan Prestasi, click on Laporan Penilaian Prestasi Tahunan.

Then you will come to this page..
Draw your cursor to the FUNGSI icon at your left hand side, then draw to Sasaran Kerja Tahunan, then to Pegawai Yang Dinilai, then click on Sasaran Kerja Tahunan.

You will come to this page, with your personal information..
Type the year of evaluation, eg 2015, then click on Teruskan...

This page will appear, where you need to fill up your Sasaran Kerja.
For House Officer, it is pretty much the same for everyone. Total 5 points to key in:
1. Merawat Pesakit di Wad sehingga discaj - 35 / 35
2. Melakukan Kerja-kerja Wad - 25 / 25
3. Menjalankan Tugas Atas Panggilan - 25 / 25
4. Menyiapkan Ringkasan Kes-Kes - 10 / 10
5. Menggunakan Kemudahan yang ada dalam merawat dan menyiasat pesakit - 5 / 5

The number 35 / 25 / 10 / 5  is for you to key in at the column Pencapaian Sebenar and % Pencapaian, both column is the same number.

Once you finish typing all the Activiti , click on SIMPAN, then click on HANTAR. Make sure the pegawai penilai pertama is the name of your evaluate assessor, they are usually the Consultant in your respective department. A tips here to all House Officer, if you want a higher SKT marks, don't chose an assessor from Surgical Department, they are usually very strict and usually won't give you high marks.

Next you need to fill up another column, scroll your cursor back to left side column. Scroll over FUNGSI again, then now scroll to Penilaian Prestasi, then click on Pegawai Yang Dinilai.

Then this page will appear...
Click on the Year that you want to submit your SKT.

You will be directed to this page, with some of your basic information and your photo.
The page shown is Bahagian I.

Click on Bahagian II on the top part, then click on Kegiatan Dan Sumbangan Di Luar Tugas Rasmi.
Here, start entering those other activities that you had enrol in during that year. Such as volunteer in Blood Donation Drive, gone for Mission Trip at Myanmar, entering some Band Competition, participating in some NGO programme, etc etc.

After that, click on SIMPAN.

Then, go click on the column beside - Latihan.
Over here, start fill up with all the CME and Kursus that you had attended over the past 1 year. Fill up the dates as well as the Location (state of your current hospital).

Scroll down the list, after fill up the CME that you HAD attended, there is column to fill up the Kursus that you WISH to attend in future, just fill that column up as well.

Click on SIMPAN after you had completed fill up all the column.

Next, click back to Bahagian II on the top part, then click on Kegiatan Dan Sumbangan Di Luar Tugas Rasmi.Click on HANTAR down there.
Make sure the name of assessor is correct.

Then, you are DONE! Easy right?!

I do hope this post is beneficial, for myself and for others.

Till then.

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