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My Pregnancy Diary - About Confinement Period

Citing from the book "The New Art and Science of Pregnancy and Childbirth", written by several Professors and Doctors from KK Women's and Children's Hospital (a member of the SingHealth group)....

Confinement is a period for your body to recuperate and recover from childbirth. The idea of confinement is familiar to Asians but foreign to Westerners. In the past when infant and maternal mortality rates were high, it was a practice to keep both baby and mother indoors during the period of confinement. This was meant to protect mother and baby from ill health....Many of these practices or ideas are originated from our Asian culture and hence, possess no scientific basis at all. They range from the prohibition of doing certain daily tasks to the restriction of certain food intake - with the strong belief that these can provide adequate rest and replenishment during this period.

Read this from a blog while I was browsing through different website for information on confinement period. This pharagraph gave me a big laugh especially the last few sentences...

Many moms reported not adhering to the (confinement) program explicitly. For example, they showered and brushed their teeth, but made sure to use space heaters and scalding hot water only. Many ditched the no reading/Internet rule, while others didn't stay in bed the whole time but agreed to simply stay at home. The problem is that for each exception they make, they have more reason to blame themselves when future ailments take hold—or, at least, this is what their elders will have them believe. 

That migraine headache? It’s because you showered during your postpartum confinement period. That abscessed tooth at 40? It’s because you brushed your teeth during your postpartum period. Endometriosis or fibroids at 50? That’s because you didn’t stay home and rest long enough postpartum. You need glasses? It’s because you read a newspaper during your postpartum confinement.

Yea, I am so going to use this phrases to answer back those people who insist others to follow the Chinese traditional taboo.

Oso wanna share this here, from http://www.euyansang.com.sg/beware-these-6-confinement-myths/eysfertility1.html

Beware These 6 Confinement Myths

In TCM, a woman loses large amounts of Qi and blood during childbirth, putting her body in a “cold” phase. This is why Chinese culture recommends a month-long period of “confinement” for the new mother. These weeks of rest and a modified diet are intended to restore the mother’s balance and return her to full health.
While certain confinement practices are common, it’s a bad idea to follow them blindly. Discover the truth behind the myths from a TCM perspective.
1. Myth: Do not drink plain water
This comes from the belief that drinking plain water causes water retention or will cool down the body too much.
The truth: There is no harm in drinking plain water. In fact, because new mothers tend to sweat heavily because of hormonal changes, they have all the more reason to drink water and keep hydrated. However, new mothers should be encouraged to drink warm water instead of cold water.
2. Myth: Consume alcohol
Drinking alcoholic beverages or eating dishes cooked with alcohol is thought to boost blood circulation and warm up the body.
The truth: It is correct that alcohol is used in TCM to expel cold and promote circulation. That said, new mothers should not regard alcohol as essential to their recovery. In fact, nursing mothers should avoid alcohol, since it can be passed on to their baby through breast milk.
3. Myth: Do not shower or wash one’s hair
Contact with water is thought to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to headaches and rheumatism later in life. This taboo may have originated from northern China of the past. Since water quickly became freezing because of the cold weather, it was easy to catch a chill from bathing.
The truth: It is perfectly fine to continue one’s bathing habits. Besides maintaining personal comfort, regular bathing helps prevent skin and wound infections. However, the mother should not bathe with cold water. She should also dry her body immediately after bathing to prevent exposure to cold air.
4. Myth: Consume plenty of herbal supplements
Since childbirth drains a woman of Qi, it is recommended that she stock up on specific herbal soups and dishes that boost energy and blood.
The truth: Since every woman’s health profile is different, she may not benefit from the same remedies that help others. It is better to consult a qualified TCM physician for personalised advice and treatment.
That said, one dietary recommendation can be generalised to all new mothers. In TCM, it is best to avoid cooling foods during confinement. Eating such foods carry a risk of harming one’s Spleen and Stomach and hampering recovery. Foods to avoid include bamboo shoots, bananas, crabs and oysters.
5. Myth: Do not read or cry
Childbirth is thought to weaken the Liver, which is linked to the eyes. Therefore, one should avoid putting stress on the eyes by reading or crying. Otherwise, one might experience eye problems later in life.
The truth:There is no basis for the belief that reading or crying would lead to eye problems. However, TCM experts do hold that the large loss of blood during childbirth may weaken the eyes. This is because blood is related to the Liver, which is associated with the eyes. Regular consumption of Liver-protecting foods, such as Chinese Wolfberries, would help maintain eye health.
6. Myth: Wear warm clothing and do not use fans and air-conditioning
As with bathing, any exposure to cool air is said to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to health problems later in life.

The truth: The key here is moderation. The new mother should do what makes her comfortable. In a hot and humid climate, fans and air conditioners may even be essential for preventing heat rash. However, the new mother should not let the fan or air-conditioner blow directly on her.

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My Pregnancy Diary - Worries

Week 28 now, and I had been thinking a lot recently. Had bad backache + insomnia for the past few nights, even if I fall asleep, I will wake up to an horrible nightmare.

The bible said " Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

However, once we face real situation, it's hard to stop worrying. I'm trying my best, learning to lean on God more, learning to not think negatively, learning to b positive... 

Being pregnant is not an easy thing - esp when it's not a planned pregnancy. Coping with the stress, juggling between work, staying alone most of the time, not having a proper support care most of the time, and the stress of listening to all sort of nonsense traditional old folk's advice makes me feel so tire of this pregnancy.

I never think so much during the first and second trimesters, as I don't really feel that I'm pregnant, given the fact that the bump is not so obvious. Ok, I admit this is because of all my effort to keep it as small as I could. However, I know I couldn't slow the progression and growth of the fetus. Time flies, fetus grow, the body size and weight will change eventually. 

Many thought that I had accepted the fact of pregnancy and will continue stay strong in this process. But I know very well, even when I step into 3rd trimester, I still wondering around the Denial stage , or prob in Bargaining stage which I wish I could start all over again - take the Postinor pill earlier, or calculate my menstrual cycle more accurately.
I try to categorize my worry in order to organize my thought well...

I know I shouldn't think this way, it's not good for my baby. We all know it very well, to have a happy and healthy baby, a pregnant mother need to have positive thinking and stay cheerful all the time. I know I know. It's not I don't want to do so, but it's difficult. I love my baby very much, I know I would do anything to take care and raise her up in future, but I just dono how to cope now.

Watch one TV reality show recently, and one of the celebrity give an important advice - if you are sad or unable to cope with stress, try writing journal. So here m I, trying to pour out all my feeling in my blog. 

I had tried to categorize my worry to organize my thought...

1. Progression of pregnancy - the ultimate weight GAIN problem

The bump is getting bigger by days n weeks n months. I need to try my best to control my weight and my body shape to not let this pregnancy ruin my body shape and weight. From the start of pregnancy, during the first follow up, once I know I gain ONE kg over one month, I was so shocked and depress ! Apparently, u can only gain 0.5 kg per month for the first five month of pregnancy. 

Getting know about the 1kg gain is a very depress news for me, and my anorexic mode being switch on since then. I told myself I cannot take so much of food, I need to exercise more than usual, I need to make sure I drink enough water to stay away from constipation. Yea, for one week, I took only Apple for dinner, sometime, I restrain myself from eating dinner because I'm so depress about my weight. I step on the weighing machine daily to check my own weight, sometime I'll hit myself for eating too much. I hate myself being such a gluten. I wish I could b as thin as during my wedding period. I hate being fat. Until now I cannot accept my own body weight still. I'm still trying hard to reduce it. 

Sometime I felt guilty for my baby, cause I know she needs nutrient, but I have no choice but restrain myself from eating. It's still a hard task for me, I cannot imagine myself looking in a mirror recently cause I will cry. I cannot accept the fact that my stomach is bigger than my husband's. I cannot accept when ppl told me "Wah, can see the bump edy". I cannot accept when those aunties ask me why can't see the bump and then try to advice me to eat more. And the most irritating part is when ppl start touching my stomach, I just feel like slapping these no-manners and low class ppl.

Having said that, I still eat alot, which makes me hate myself more. I keep reminding myself not to take heavy meals and eat just half portion of the food each time, however, sometime I just couldn't help but finish my food. Then after the meal, I will feel very very guilty and try my best to stop myself from eating the next meal. 

Last week, someone told me "wah, u really gain alot of weight now!".. I nearly gone crazy over this statement. I know the person who say this statement has no bad intention, but she dono that she is talking to an ex-anorexic patient, who is very very sensitive about the weight issue. Whatever it is, I know, the weight battle is still going on, so I will continue to watch out for my weight, thanks to that person who indirectly say I am very fat now. It's really a good reminder.

2. The delivery process - Where, When, How

As a government servant who works in hospital, I had been working in maternity ward, labour room, maternity OT and even maternity HDU before, therefore, I am not clueless about all these. However, when it comes to my own delivery, I had been wondering alot - when can i deliver? can i deliver before the due date? what will be my baby's birth weight? can the birth weight be smaller so it's easier for me to deliver the baby? can i deliver via spontaneous vaginal delivery? will i need to undergo cesarean session? who is going to deliver the baby for me? if i delivery via vaginal birth, will I need to undergone episiotomy? how big and how long will it takes for my episiotomy wound to cure? where should i deliver the baby? government hospital or private hospital? etc etc etc questionmark.

I guess no one except God know the answer. Even for now, I had my antenatal follow up at my own Klinik Kesihatan. Most of the scans done by my colleaugue. Some detail scan I did at O&G specialist clinic - Klinik Vincent and Liu in Ayer Keroh and Klinik Noor Shila at town center. My nurses at MCH clinic are awesome as they did give me valuable advice However, when come to the delivery process, I am very scare.

My EDD falls on mid October. But i know EDD is 40 weeks of gestation edy, I wish I don't need to wait until 40 weeks to deliver my baby. My prayer is that once my baby reach term (~37 weeks), I will go into active phase of labour and deliver the baby before 38 weeks of gestation. Ok, I know i sound so damn desperate to end this pregnancy, yea, I really hope so.

About the labour process, I know I will subject to VE - Vaginal Examination by either a nurse or a doctor, then if the cervical opening is more than 2cm plus the regular contraction, I'll be admitted to ward for latent phase of labour. Once the contraction become more frequent, and cervical opening more than 4cm, I'll be sent to labour room for active phase of labour. Then waiting for the one hour 1cm opening period. Put on Partogram and IV Oxytocin to fasten the labour progress. Oh, not to forgot the CTG monitoring and 4-hourly VE.

Then when cervix is fully effaced and cervical opening reach 10cm, the delivery process or 2nd phase of labour start. I wish my baby won't be more than 2.6kg so I can bear down more easily. This is the time I am most scare of, I really scare of the episiotomy and all those shouting and screaming and scolding by the labour room nurses. Once the baby is out, it's time for placenta delivery or 3rd phase of labour. Then uterine massage, then episiotomy wound repair and time for mother to rest and start breast feeding.

Thinking and imagining the whole process just makes me feel that I am so not prepared to be a mother...

3. The confinement period

Most of my cell group members are mother with few kids, they had experience the confinement period. Most of them hire a confinement lady, and one of them, who just gave birth to a cute baby boy in June, had chose to stay at confinement center for one month. All of them have different experience, but I guess, unless I experience it myself, I can't gain much from other's experience, cause everyone have different expectation.

My mother in law had been very nice to contact one of her friend and confirm the booking for me. Apparently she is an experience confinement lady. Although the cost is so damn high (actually till now I still believe that that confinement lady just cheated our money just because she is my mother in law's friend). And we also are force to pay RM 500 for deposit money. The cost for the confinement lady employment itself is RM 4800 plus RM 200 ang pao money, which makes it to RM 5000. Imagine this price in Seremban.... if it's in KL I still can accept, this type of pricing in Seremban is really sound like a cheating scheme.

Not only that, the RM 5000 had not include the cost for the ingredients for that so-called confinement food, the living cost for that confinement lady, those pampers and basic necessaries for the mother and baby etc. I still felt being cheated!! Should have contact that lady myself and don't leave these job to other people!!

Whatever it is, since that confinement lady charge so expensive, I am going to do more research on the confinement period and make sure I have a list of things-to-do or check list to make sure I won't be fool by this scheme.

The idea of staying in confinement center sound luxurious, most of the Chinese celebrities stay at confinement center postpartum. Initially I don't really buy the idea of staying at confinement center, however, after I visited the confinement center that my friend stayed, I started to wonder should I just forfeit that RM 500 deposit money and go stay at the confinement center instead.

4. Care for baby in future

This is the most headache part. Really, I cannot imagine myself working and taking care of the baby. Some people will say probably your mother or mother in law can help. But, yea, it's better don't depend on others. No one is responsible for your child. You give birth to a kid and you are the one responsible to take care. I still don't have in-depth imagination about this yet, cause guess it will worsen my nightmare...

Anyway, these are just all my thought. Probably I will be fine when the time comes. And I really need to hold tight to God's promise.

Till then.

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My Pregnancy Dairy - The Discovery

By the Grace of our Almighty God, I got married on 6th December 2014 - to my awesome Bola husband and held an amazingly grand wedding ceremony in Seremban.

Still remember during wedding ceremony, so many ppl wish us - hope u guys fast fast get a kid, don't let both ur parents wait for so long. My response to this is always the same ' hhm, thanks for ur wish but no thanks cause I don't think I wanna get pregnant so fast '...

On our first night of marriage, I still remember, it's already very late when we reach home, but for the sake of contraception, Nick went to 7-11 in the middle of night to buy Condom. That's his first time buying and he came back telling me 'Condom is so expensive huh'. Lol.

So we went on our marriage life. Yea, Fairy Tale always end with a grand wedding plus the phrase 'And they live happily ever after' ... That's what most single person think about marriage as well.

But as a married woman (ok I can't believe I had step into the 'Aunty' world), wedding is not the ending, it's just a starting point for a new life. We both took another 3 days leave after the wedding, to settle all the post-wedding issue, such as returning bridal gowns to 3 different bridal houses, bank in the Ang pao money we received during the reception, clear all the pending debts for wedding as well as house renovation, go ikea buy some pending furniture that we don't have time to buy before wedding, etc.

Life goes on. I had my menstrual blessing on Jan 2015, which then I decided to plot a strict menstrual dairy for Calender Method plus Barrier Method family planning. Let me tell u this is the MOST unreliable family planning method. Failing rate ~99%. 

We had an unprotected sex on the week after my menstrual bleed because I forgot about the date and thought my body was in non-fertile period that time. Then I keep forgot to take Emergency Contraceptive pill until 72 hours later. I bought Postinor from Guardian 3 days after the unprotected sex cause I'm busy with work in melaka and forgot to buy each day after finish work.

Yea, I admit I took the Emergency Contraceptive Pill - Postinor, 2 tablets, 12 hours apart. One week later, I took one course again. Cause I'm so afraid of the conception. My LMP is 12thJan2015, the unprotected sex is on 20thJan2015, I mark it clearly on the Calender and hope for the next menstrual bleeding-to ease my worry for the conception.

Then life goes on, I'm just quite upset by my increasing weight and the amazingly good appetite I had. I blame all these to the pre-CNY season and post-wedding syndrome. I had my first Chinese New Year celebration in Seremban, as a daughter in law in my parents in law house. We then went back to my hometown in Ayer Tawar, Perak for few days. 

When we came back, I realize I'm getting easily tire, sometime felt nauseated for the most normal thing, and most importantly, my menstrual bleeding period which I had been waiting for, did not come after one week of the expected date. I was so so worry. Prob its the occupational habit, I keep have the thought of getting a pregnancy test done. 

I was so afraid to tell Nick about this, I know he did notice about my anxiety, mood swing as well as the concern about having delaying in menstrual bleeding, however he attribute all this to my negativity and my attitude.

On the 5th day of CNY, after I came back from my hometown, I manage to took the courage to ask Nick drop me at Guardian pharmacy to buy the Pregnancy Kit. I bought two.

I did not use the strip immediately after we reach home. Because I just think that I am not prepare to face the truth. From the day of my marriage, I never had the thought of 'having a baby'. This 'having a baby' thing is just beyond my imagination.

Nick watching Astro downstair when I finally felt the urgency to urinate. That's the first time I'm using that strip. Its a very convenient strip where u just need to hold the strip and urinate towards that labelled area. Then wait for few minutes. Alright, the line move quite fast, and by the time I calm myself down to look at the result, it's showing TWO lines... I was abit blur initially, as I thought two lines means no pregnant. Then when i look at it again, I was like " Oh... My..........." ......... *stunt+speechless+shock+silent for 5 minutes"
I shouted for Nick from the toilet upstairs and he came towards me. I am sure he had the same feeling as me because we both didn't expect this at all... He comfort me for a while, then went on to sit in front of the dressing table. So that afternoon, me sitting in the toilet, Nick sitting in front of the dressing table...SILENCE. 

I test it on another strip on the next day and found the same result. 

So after two time UPT strip postive, both Nick and I called our parents to inform the news, its on the 5th day of CNY... Of course our parents are happy. Just my mum heard the fear and my trembling voice, and ask me what happen to me. Yea, i admit i almost cried when I called my mum, cause i know I am not ready at all...

However, at times goes, we had accepted the fact.

I used the pregnancy calculator Apps on my iPhone to check the EDD. This the result. I do hope that the delivery date will fall at the end of Sept or early Oct.

Will update on the pregnancy progress soon.

Till then.

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About 爸爸去哪儿3

Watch the reality show 《爸爸去哪儿3》 recently, 



Among all the kids, i really love this girl, Poppy, who also know as 沒有公主病的小公主 (a princess without Princess Syndrome). Some of her profile from chinese website - 夏天是中加混血兒,爸爸是加拿大人夏克立,媽媽是台灣人黃嘉千,兩人均是藝人。雖然是唯一的女生,但夏天並沒有因而持寵生驕,反而非常獨立自強,亦很樂於幫助其他小朋友
Really salute her dad for raising up such cute yet independent and cheerful daughter!

Love all her photos...Such a pretty and adorable princes!!

Till then.

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The Jabez's Prayer 雅比斯的祷告

Would like to share this today...

While I was searching for bible verses, I suddenly think of one sermon shared by Pastor Liew in my hometown church, like more than 10 years ago i guess. It's the first time Pastor Liew preach in my church, I was just a secondary school student back then. However, I dono why, this sermon really touch me, although I had never been really "walk the talk", like how a Christian should... I didn't really go back home and start praying this prayer daily etc etc, but it really left a very very important impression in my memory. (Oh, by the way, Pastor Liew is now the leader of School of Ministry, SOM and he is the one who preach during our wedding Holy Matrimony.)

I then search few articles on this Jabez's prayer...

歷代志上 四 9-10
4:9 雅比斯比他眾弟兄更尊貴,他母親給他起名叫雅比斯,意思說:我生他甚是痛苦。 
-   他母親給他起名叫雅比斯(第9節)
-   雅比斯求告以色列的神說(第10節)
1.          甚願你賜福與我賜福原文帶有完完全全及徹徹底底的意味,說明雅比斯不只期望上帝賜福,更期望上帝完完全全的賜福;他不願得着部分的福氣,而是完整的福氣。
2.          擴張我的境界境界是歷代志家譜(代上一至九章)中重要的主題,這家譜不但說明血緣關係,更說明以色列支派的分地。由此可見,雅比斯期望上帝擴大他在猶大支派當中的分地(因為他屬於猶大支派)。
3.          常與我同在:原文翻譯是「你的手與我同在­」。在舊約中,神的手可以指反對(against)人或與人同在(with)(參:賽一25;五25;結十三9),雅比斯只願神的手與自己同在,期望神不會用祂的手加害他。
4.          保佑我不遭患難,不受艱苦痛苦在此處再次出現,與第9節中我生他甚是痛苦成為對比,說明雅比斯不願活在母親所經驗的痛苦裏。有學者認為此處的不遭患難是指不用武力的手段來取得境界,是期望上帝為他和平地擴張他的境界。事實上,歷代志家譜帶出其「土地神學」,當中主要元素之一,是以色列支派的分地不是以武力爭取,而是由上帝分派而來;不是自我爭取,而是上帝的賜予。

Another version here....
1. 雅比斯明智地禱告。經文告訴我們,他「求告以色列的神」——也就是說,那立約的神,那又真又活的神。頗為明顯的是,雅比斯接受過怎樣禱告的教導,因此他的禱告是有見識和明智的。很多禱告都是愚昧,並因而是無益的(例如路十八11 – 12那個)。禱告的基本條件是,我們必須認識神是我們慈愛的天父——參馬太福音六章,並比較第6和9節。
2. 雅比斯懇切地禱告。留意他禱告的強烈程度。從他求告神可以看到這點。他並非只是說:「主啊!祝福我。」而是說:「甚願你賜福與我……!」我們一定能夠感受到這個向神發出的懇切呼喊中的真實和熱誠。這肯定必須挑戰我們,因為我們的禱告往往是無感情、半心半意的。這些禱告不能到達施恩寶座,又有甚麼奇怪呢?——參創世記三十二章26節,並比較路加福音十一章5至10節和路加福音十八章1至8節。
3. 雅比斯確定地禱告。他知道自己想得到甚麼,並要求自己想得到的。他的禱告沒有任何隨意之處。他的禱告經過深思熟慮,而當他要提出自己的請求時,他能夠清楚地以確定的話說出來。我們禱告時,明確是多麼重要啊!——參撒母耳記上一章10至11節。
4. 雅比斯有效地禱告。雅比斯禱告時,「神就應允他所求的」。這些話給人很大的鼓勵,因為雅比斯的神也是我們的神。正如神應允他的禱告,祂也承諾會這樣對待我們——閱讀並比較耶利米書三十三章3節、馬可福音十一章24節、約翰福音十五章7節和雅各書四章2節。

1. 我們應該祈求恩典。雅比斯禱告說:「甚願你賜福與我……!」他這個要求是甚麼意思?每個信徒都已經得到美好的祝福(弗一3);但雅比斯肯定祈求神祝福,令他可以成為神希望他成為的人——參保羅在哥林多前書十五章10節所說的話。我們只有靠著神的恩典,才能夠成為祂希望我們成為的人;因此,讓我們祈求恩典,而恩典會大量供應(林後九8)。歷代志上四章9節暗示雅比斯需要特別恩典,可能是因為他名字的意思是「哀傷」。或許他的出生包含某些隱藏的悲劇,但無論那是甚麼,他都需要恩典,而他也當然得到恩典,正如我們得到我們需要的恩典一樣(林後十二9)。
2. 我們應該祈求成長。聽到雅比斯向神說:「甚願你……擴張我的境界!」是多麼美好啊!——比較彼得後書三章18節。很多基督徒都滿足於停留在屬靈嬰孩的階段(林前三1 – 2)。我們需要祈求耶和華擴張我們的境界,增強我們的能力,加深我們的信仰,燃起我們的愛,給我們更多機會,令我們更可以為祂所用,使我們更有祂兒子的形像(羅八29)。要求耶和華擴張你的境界需要付出很大的代價,因為那無疑表示會有考驗,因為我們是透過考驗成長。沒有考驗,我們只會仍然個子矮小,只會仍然軟弱和無效;但如果耶和華要令我們變得強壯,我們便必須接受考驗(彼前一7)。
3. 我們應該祈求引導。雅比斯禱告說:「讓你的手與我同在。」神的手代表永活神在行動中的能力(拉七9),並比較詩篇一三九篇5節。神希望我們過受引導的生活(詩三十七23)。祂給我們的生命供應,讓我們的生命「有秩序」,正如惠蒂爾(Whittier)很美地表達那樣:-
4. 我們應該祈求敬虔。雅比斯求神使他遠離邪惡,「保佑我不遭患難」或者「它不會破壞我的生命。」這是一個多麼好的禱告!它令我們記起提摩太後書四章18節,而且感謝神,耶和華能夠救我們脫離邪惡,令我們過榮耀祂的生活,有純潔、聖潔和像基督的生命!


In 2000, Bruce Wilkinson wrote this book: The Prayer of Jabez  Breaking Through to the Blessed Life. The book is based on two verses from 1 Chronicles 4: “Jabez was more honorable than his brothers; and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, ‘Because I bore him in pain.’ Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, ‘Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!’ And God granted what he asked.”
A review from one book selling website goes like this:
Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, president of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, takes readers to 1 Chronicles 4:10 to discover how they can release God's miraculous power and experience the blessings God longs to give each of us. The life of Jabez, one of the Bible's most overlooked heroes of the faith, bursts from unbroken pages of genealogies in an audacious, four-part prayer that brings him an extraordinary measure of divine favor, anointing, and protection. Readers who commit to offering the same prayer on a regular basis will find themselves extravagantly blessed by God, and agents of His miraculous power, in everyday life.
The Chinese version of the book release at Year 2005 if i not mistaken...

《雅比斯的禱告》作者:魏肯生(Bruce Wilkinson)

 You can download the PDF file of the book here....

It's really a good prayer. I guess Holy Spirit reminded me this sermon cause God wants to really Bless me and Enlarge my Territory cause I had stay as a static Christian for too long....

Till then.

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10 easy bible memory verses

10 Easy Bible Memory Verses For Children

  • Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God proves true.
  • Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters.
  • Deuteronomy 6:5 You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.
  • Matthew 22:39 You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  • 1 Corinthians 10:31 Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.
  • Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God.
  • Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
  • Psalm 139:14 I praise you God, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Isaiah 43:5 Do not be afraid for I am with you.
  • Psalm 1:6 The LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

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蒙福人生 - 读后笔记

Collection of important sentences and bible verses from the book 蒙福人生 for my own reference....

Chapter 1 出人意外的冒险之旅
『申命记28章1节~14节』 你若留意听从耶和华你神的话,谨守遵行他的一切诫命,就是我今日所吩咐你的,他必使你超乎天下万民之上。你若听从耶和华你神的话,这以下的福必追随你,临到你身上。你在城里必蒙福,在田间也必蒙福。你身所生的,地所产的,牲畜所下的,以及牛犊,羊羔,都必蒙福。你的筐子和你的抟面盆,都必蒙福。你出也蒙福,入也蒙福。仇敌起来攻击你,耶和华必使他们在你面前被你杀败;他们从一条路来攻击你,必从七条路逃跑。在你仓房里,并你手所办的一切事上,耶和华所命的福必临到你,耶和华你神,也要在所给你的地上赐福与你。你若谨守耶和华你神的诫命,遵行他的道,他必照着向你所起的誓,立你作为自己的圣民。天下万民见你归在耶和华的名下,就要惧怕你。你在耶和华向你列祖起誓应许赐你的地上,他必使你身所生的,牲畜所下的,地所产的,都绰绰有余。耶和华必为你开天上的府库,按时降雨在你的地上,在你手里所办的一切事上赐福与你,你必借给许多国民,却不至向他们借贷。你若听从耶和华你神的诫命,就是我今日所吩咐你的,谨守遵行,不偏左右,也不随从事奉别神,耶和华就必使你作首不作尾,但居上不居下。(并于上节)

Chapter 2 神必居首位
『出埃及记13章12节~13节』 那时你要将一切头生的,并牲畜中头生的,归给耶和华,公的都要属耶和华。凡头生的驴,你要用羊羔代赎,若不代赎,就要打折他的颈项,凡你儿子中头生的都要赎出来。

Chapter 3 是生命,而非律法
『马太福音6章1节~34节』 你们要小心,不可将善事行在人的面前,故意叫他们看见,若是这样,就不能得你们天父的赏赐了。所以,你施舍的时候,不可在你前面吹号,像那假冒为善的人在会堂里和街道上所行的,故意要得人的荣耀。我实在告诉你们,他们已经得了他们的赏赐。你施舍的时候,不要叫左手知道右手所作的。要叫你施舍的事行在暗中,你父在暗中察看,必然报答你。〔有古卷作必在明处报答你〕你们祷告的时候,不可像那假冒为善的人,爱站在会堂里,和十字路口上祷告,故意叫人看见,我实在告诉你们,他们已经得了他们的赏赐。你祷告的时候,要进你的内屋,关上门,祷告你在暗中的父,你父在暗中察看,必然报答你。你们祷告,不可像外邦人,用许多重复话,他们以为话多了必蒙垂听。你们不可效法他们;因为你们没有祈求以先,你们所需用的,你们的父早已知道了。所以,你们祷告要这样说:我们在天上的父:愿人都尊你的名为圣。愿你的国降临;愿你的旨意行在地上,如同行在天上。我们日用的饮食,今日赐给我们。免我们的债,如同我们免了人的债。不叫我们遇见试探;救我们脱离凶恶(或作:脱离恶者)。因为国度、权柄、荣耀,全是你的,直到永远。阿们(有古卷没有因为……阿们等字)!你们饶恕人的过犯,你们的天父也必饶恕你们的过犯。你们不饶恕人的过犯,你们的天父也必不饶恕你们的过犯。你们禁食的时候,不可像那假冒为善的人,脸上带着愁容,因为他们把脸弄得难看,故意叫人看出他们是禁食,我实在告诉你们,他们已经得了他们的赏赐。你禁食的时候,要梳头洗脸,不叫人看出你禁食来,只叫你暗中的父看见,你父在暗中察看,必然报答你。不要为自己积儹财宝在地上,地上有虫子咬,能锈坏,也有贼挖窟窿来偷。只要积儹财宝在天上;天上没有虫子咬,不能锈坏,也没有贼挖窟窿来偷。因为你的财宝在那里,你的心也在那里。眼睛就是身上的灯,你的眼睛若瞭亮,全身就光明。你的眼睛若昏花,全身就黑暗,你里头的光若黑暗了,那黑暗是何等大呢?一个人不能事奉两个主,不是恶这个爱那个,就是重这个轻那个,你们不能又事奉神,又事奉玛门。〔玛门是财利的意思〕所以我告诉你们,不要为生命忧虑吃什么,喝什么;为身体忧虑穿什么。生命不胜于饮食吗?身体不胜于衣裳吗?你们看那天上的飞鸟,也不种,也不收,也不积蓄在仓里,你们的天父尚且养活他。你们不比飞鸟贵重得多吗?你们那一个能用思虑,使寿数多加一刻呢?〔或作使身量多加一肘呢〕何必为衣裳忧虑呢?你想野地里的百合花怎么长起来;他也不劳苦,也不纺线。然而我告诉你们,就是所罗门极荣华的时候,他所穿戴的,还不如这花一朵呢?你们这小信的人哪,野地里的草,今天还在,明天就丢在炉里,神还给他这样的妆饰,何况你们呢?所以不要忧虑,说:吃什么,喝什么,穿什么。这都是外邦人所求的,你们需用的这一切东西,你们的天父是知道的。你们要先求他的国和他的义,这些东西都要加给你们了。所以,不要为明天忧虑,因为明天自有明天的忧虑;一天的难处一天当就够了

Chapter 4 倍增原则
『路加福音9章12节~17节』 日头快要平西,十二个门徒来对他说:请叫众人散开,他们好往四面乡村里去借宿找吃的,因为我们这里是野地。耶稣说:你们给他们吃吧!门徒说:我们不过有五个饼,两条鱼,若不去为这许多人买食物就不够。那时,人数约有五千。耶稣对门徒说:叫他们一排一排的坐下,每排大约五十个人。门徒就如此行,叫众人都坐下。耶稣拿着这五个饼,两条鱼,望着天祝福,擘开,递给门徒摆在众人面前。他们就吃,并且都吃饱了,把剩下的零碎收拾起来,装满了十二篮子。

Chapter 5 破除玛门的灵
骄傲的灵 vs 贫穷的灵 都不对,应有感恩的心
『申命记8章18节』 你要记念耶和华你的神,因为得货财的力量是他给你的,为要坚定他向你列祖起誓所立的约,像今日一样。
『马太福音6章24节』 一个人不能事奉两个主,不是恶这个爱那个,就是重这个轻那个,你们不能又事奉神,又事奉玛门。〔玛门是财利的意思〕

Chapter 6 新造的心
『申命记5章29节』 惟愿他们存这样的心,敬畏我,常遵守我的一切诫命,使他们和他们的子孙,永远得福。
『申命记15章15节』 要记念你在埃及地作过奴仆,耶和华你的神将你救赎,因此,我今日吩咐你这件事。
『箴言16章2节』 人一切所行的,在自己眼中看为清洁,惟有耶和华衡量人心。
『路加福音6章38节』 你们要给人,就必有给你们的,并且用十足的升斗,连摇带按,上尖下流的,倒在你们怀里,因为你们用什么量器量给人,也必用什么量器量给你们。
『雅各书4章3节』 你们求也得不着,是因为你们妄求,要浪费在你们的宴乐中。

Chapter 7 做对的事
『罗马书12章18节』 若是能行,总要尽力与众人和睦。
『马太福音6章21节』 因为你的财宝在那里,你的心也在那里。

Chapter 8 给予的恩赐
『罗马书12章6节~8节』 按我们所得的恩赐,各有不同,或说预言,就当照着信心的程度说预言。或作执事,就当专一执事,或作教导的,就当专一教导。或作劝化的,就当专一劝化,施舍的,就当诚实,治理的,就当殷勤,怜悯人的,就当甘心。

Chapter 9 好管家的奖赏
『哥林多前书3章8节』 栽种的和浇灌的都是一样,但将来各人要照自己的工夫,得自己的赏赐。
『希伯来书11章6节』 人非有信,就不能得神的喜悦;因为到神面前来的人必须信有神,且信他赏赐那寻求他的人。

Chapter 10 三种考试:需要,贪念及撒种
1、需要的测试 - 相信神会顾念我们的需求
2、贪心的测试 - 是否有智慧地运用神所给我们的财富和是否会顺服神所指示的去给予
3、撒中的测试 - 能否多多的撒种
『哥林多后书9章6节~11节』 少种的少收,多种的多收,这话是真的。各人要随本心所酌定的,不要作难,不要勉强,因为捐得乐意的人,是神所喜爱的。神能将各样的恩惠多多的加给你们,使你们凡事常常充足,能多行各样善事。如经上所记,『他施舍钱财,赒济贫穷,他的仁义存到永远。』那赐种给撒种的,赐粮给人吃的,必多多加给你们种地的种子,又增添你们仁义的果子。叫你们凡事富足,可以多多施舍,就借着我们使感谢归于神。

Chapter 11 神奖赏那慷慨给予的
3、毫无保留的奉献 (会使人心痛的奉献)
听见 ~ 兴奋之情 ~ 恐惧 ~ 理性思考 ~ 疑惑 ~ 信心
『约翰福音12章1节~8节』 逾越节前六日,耶稣来到伯大尼,就是他叫拉撒路从死里复活之处。有人在那里给耶稣预备筵席,马大伺候,拉撒路也在那同耶稣坐席的人中。马利亚就拿着一斤极贵的真哪哒香膏,抹耶稣的脚,又用自己头发去擦,屋里就满了膏的香气。有一个门徒,就是那将要卖耶稣的加略人犹大,说:这香膏为什么不卖三十两银子赒济穷人呢?他说这话,并不是挂念穷人,乃因他是个贼,又带着钱囊,常取其中所存的。耶稣说:由她吧,他是为我安葬之日存留的。因为常有穷人和你们同在,只是你们不常有我。

Chapter 12 财务报酬的确据
『约翰福音2章5节』 他母亲对用人说:他告诉你们什么,你们就作什么。

Chapter 13 神的心意,进入蒙福人生的路线图

Till then.

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Learning to bake - banana chocolate muffin

After the first successful oatmeal cake baking, I decided to try up baking Banana chocolate muffin ..

4 - 5 ripe bananas (mashed)
1/2 cup Brown sugar
1 egg (lightly beaten)
1/3 cup room temperature butter
1 tbsp wheat germ  Optional
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup All purpose flour ( I used Multigrain atta)

1. Mashed bananas until mushy, blend together all purpose flour, salt, wheat germ, baking soda and baking powder.

2. Preheat oven to 350 F (175 C) .

3.Add sugar, egg and butter into mashed banana, whisk well. Slowly add the flour in and use a spatula to fold the mixture until it is incorporated. Do not over stir the mixture.

4. Place baking cups onto muffin pan, scoop batter into muffin cups until around 3/4 cup full.

5. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder into remaining batter,  just give it a brief stir to form some swirl, the cocoa powder need not be all blended in. Scoop this batter into muffin cups for second batch.

6. Bake the muffins for 18-20 minutes or until the top part is browned. Depending on the size of muffins.

Till then.

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Book Review: 蒙福人生

Read this book - The Blessed Life 蒙福人生 recently. A really good book that EACH Christian should read....

This book is actually bought by Nick's youngest brother Alvin when he went for M4J youth camp in Johor. Alvin bought the book for both his elder brother - Andrew and Nick. Andrew started reading it first and he is truly touched by the book, he share this with us during our Father's Day celebration dinner. Then Nick also started reading it, and he did have lots of new revelation from the book.

However, last weekend, Nick left the book at home and forgot to bring to KL, so I decided to read the book for this week. I finish the book in 2 days! It's truly a good book. I did make notes for each chapter while reading the book.

Let me post something regarding this book first:

The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Giving
by Robert Morris

Review from Google Book:
This book will transform your life for the better, bringing you guaranteed financial results. But it will do more than that, it will change every area of your life: marriage, family health and relationships. For when God changes your heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of your life journey is affected. If all believers followed the practical guidance of The Blessed Life, every church could be built, every nation would have an abundance of missionaries and all would reap the benefits of having a generous heart. With humor, passion and clarity, Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually.
I found the PDF link of the book from Victory Church website. You can click on this link and read the PDF version of the book : The Blessed Life Book, which includes a 21-Day Devotional.

Also these are the 3 weeks sermon notes from Victory Church on the book: 

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

These are the Chapters topic found in the book:

I really like the first sentence in the INTRODUCTION part:
I  can say with absolute confidence that Satan does not want you to read this book.
Without a doubt, the enemy of your soul would do anything to keep you from discovering God’s principles governing financial stewardship, giving, and blessing. Why? Because once you do, it will transform your life for the better. It will bring you guaranteed financial results. But it will also do more than that: It will impact the kingdom of God.

 I read the Chinese version of course, here's some review from the publisher.



Review from AsiaforJesus website.



如果每位基督徒都能夠遵行《蒙福人生》中的實際教導,相信每間教會都將能夠被建造起來,每個國家也必定都會有充沛的宣教士在那裡傳講耶穌─那麼全世界都將 因著一顆慷慨願意奉獻的心而受惠。羅伯特‧莫里斯牧師以輕鬆詼諧、充滿熱情又清晰易懂的文筆,向讀者們呈現如何在實際財務以及屬靈資產兩方面均擁有蒙福人 生的各樣大小秘訣。

 推 薦 
各界牧者人士 聯名熱切推薦
王睿、朱植森、周神助、周巽正、周巽光、林進吉、林照程、寇紹恩、張茂松、張蒙恩、連加恩、楊永民、楊寧亞、廖文華、劉群茂、顧其芸 (依姓氏筆畫排列)

 作 者介紹 

羅伯特‧莫里斯Robert Morris
美國Gateway教會建堂以來的主任牧師,Gateway教會是在美國德州達沃地區一帶(Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex)擁有許多會堂、聖靈很大運行在當中的福音教會;自從2000年建堂以來,聚會人數至今已成長超過三萬六千人。
羅伯特‧莫里斯牧師每週主持一個名為《蒙福人生》的電視節目,全美總計約有九千多萬個家庭收看,並在全球超過兩百多個國家播放。羅伯特‧莫里斯牧師擁有國 王大學(The King’s University)的博士學位並擔任其董事會主席。他共著有十本暢銷書,包括《美夢成真的10個試驗》(橄欖出版)、《話語的力量》﹝原文:The Power of Your Words,暫譯﹞、《我所不知道的神》﹝原文:The God I Never Knew,暫譯﹞。

Found this very good website which share the important points from each chapters in the book:
蒙福人生:第二章 ---神必居首位
 蒙福人生:第三章 — 是生命,而非律法
蒙福人生:第四章 — 倍增原則
蒙福人生:第五章 — 破除瑪門的靈
蒙福人生:第六章 --- 新造的心
蒙福人生:第七章 — 做對的事
蒙福人生:第八章 --- 給予的恩賜
蒙福人生:第九章 --- 好管家的獎賞
蒙福人生:第十章 --- 三種考試:需要、貪念及撒種
蒙福人生:第十一章 --- 神獎賞那慷慨給予的
蒙福人生:第十二章 --- 財務報酬的確據
蒙福人生:第十三章 --- 神的心意,進入蒙福人生的路線圖

Will post on my personal receive from this book soon.

Till then.

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