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A Weekend in Melaka

Because I need to attend a Kursus in Johor over a weekend in May, so I don't get to drive back Seremban on that weekend....

It's some orientation course for medical officer working in health clinic in Melaka. Imagine after one year of working only u are called for 'orientation'. Boring. Held in Institute Tadbiran Awam Negara (INTAN), Kampus Wilayah Selatan, Kluang, Johor.

Let's show picture of that "Institute".

The corridor in front of the Hostel.
Inside the Hostel.

On that Sunday, Nick came down to Melaka to accompany me... We decided to book the famous Hatten Hotel in Melaka. Then we start searching for places for dinner. We found this Geographer Cafe everywhere in the blog we browse through, so we went there.

It's situated near Jonker's Street, so we went for a walk at Jonker's Street before dinner...

The Cream Puff we ate before our dinner, because it's so tempting... we chose the vanila flavour instead of durian flavour.

Then we had dinner at Geographer Cafe...
1. Strait of Malacca RM 11.90
- is a Nyonya food platter, look so Nyonya right.... and it's mostly vegetable, 

2. Jonker Fried Rice RM 15.90
The house specialty fried rice, with 2 satays !

3. Fresh Veggie Roll RM 8.90

4. Soup of the Day - Tomato Soup

5. Organic Coconut RM 6.90
Photo showing Nick is very disappointed with the coconut cause it only have the coconut shell and coconut water. No fresh coconut in the coconut !! We suspect they recycle the coconut shell each time , and the coconut meat already being scrap off long time ago ...

After dinner, we went back to Hatten Hotel, we visited the swimming pool and the lounge, very nice!

Oh we went shopping at the H&M in Hatten hotel as well...
Now i got to wear loose clothes to protect my bump..

Till then.

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