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I'm not a foodie nor gourmet, but guess it's a trend nowadays, we will look for some ' fancy ' restaurant during those ' big ' day for celebration.

It's Mother's Day last Sunday, and since I'm working in K1M this week, which start work at 2pm on Monday, so I went for Mother's Day celebration in KL on Sunday night with Nick's family ( ok it's my in-law family oso , haha).

As Nick's dad has craving for the Pork meal we had in El-Cerdo last yest, so we decided to go somewhere with nice Pork Ribs or Pork meal. We didn't go back to El-Cerdo as we wanted to try out new restaurant . 

Then we found ' Naughty's Nuri', which is another famous Pork meal restaurant, recommended by one of our church friend who study Cultinary in NZ now. He told us that's the place for awesome Pork meal. However, when we check the food reviews on Naughty's Nuri and the FB page of Naughty's Nuri, we found that most of the comments are negative comments and bad reviews on the service and food. Too bad . :(

Then we decided to try out Neroteca. Same as many bloggers, I knew about this restaurant from the 'Meme proposal'. And because they did serve Pork Ribs and Suckling Pig, so we decided to go there for the Mother's Day celebration.

This the detail of the restaurant:
Nero Teca
Address: Ground Floor, The Sommerset, No. 8, Lorong Ceylon, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11.30am – 11.30pm, Daily
GPS coordinates: 3.148861, 101.70736

We made a reservation before we went. 

Can u see the Neroteca sign? Waze only bring u to the road nearby , so u can start looking for parking when u saw this Bukit Ceylon service apartment logo..
Ps: the open car park opposite this service apartment charge RM 8 per entry ....
Ambience is good, but the restaurant quite stuffy and warm. Cause it's an open kitchen concept restaurant. The oily smokes from the kitchen makes the restaurant warm.
Group photo. See my fat fat face ... Fb can't even recognize my face now ... T_T

The menu is as usual, difficult to understand ... Most of the names are in Italian and u need to read the small lines for description of the dishes.. 

We reach at 715pm, but the Suckling Pig - which is the main purpose of us being there, is out of stock !!

So these are what we ordered:

1) Neroteca Sunday Roast - the Pork Rib 

This the last set left when we arrive . Thanks God we manage to secure the last order ...

2) Affettati Misti RM 58
Platter of Salami prosciutto and honey cold cut ham
This is off - menu dish . I saw from some food blog and ask the waiter about this...

Nick's family is not fancy of this dish, as the hams are cold and too salty. Nick's mum keep comment that these hams are those hams bought from supermarket cold storage department.... which I dono how to respond to this comment - it makes me Felt abit bad cause I'm the one who recommended this dish.

3) Costoletta & Porchetta RM 89
Pork Chop and Pork Roll grilled in rosemary and garlic oil served with mixed salad and lentils

We order total 4 sets of this, as most of their pork meals are out of stock.

4) Piemontese (Chef's recommendation) RM 52
Pork burger, Pancette and tomacheese, half roasted tomatoes onions and pickles with fries and salad. 
Most food blog give bad review on Neroteca 's pork burger, which makes me hesitate when Nick wanted to order this. We only order one, shared between
Nick and me. The portion is not that big, and I think it taste good ! Not as bad as describe by those reviews... Prob different ppl have different taste bud.

5) Costoletta Agnello RM 89
Three piece of chilled lamb grilled with pancetta and olives, tomato coulis on cauliflower mash.

Alvin- Nick's younger brother order this dish. It's quite big portion and taste good!

6) White wine
We ordered one white wine , which I forgot the name . 

Total bill come out to RM750 plus for 7 person.

Worth trying if u are someone who loves to explore new restaurant , but if u wish to have their signature dishes like Pork Rib or Suckling Pig, u need to call them before hand to reserve . But if u planning to bring ur parents for celebration, I would suggest u chose another restaurant ....

Till then. 

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