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My Wedding Dairy - Wedding Ring

Reflecting about my wedding , after spending like around RM 70k on the wedding -- would have b much more if not because we are juggling between new house renovation n wedding at the same time.

I thanks God for His abundant blessing. Wouldn't have been cleared and settled all the expenses without God's miracle. 

However, I'm glad that post wedding + house renovation, we are not in debt. It's God blessing , really. I know I had save money for the wedding previously , and I'm glad I have enough....

Today , let's talk about the wedding ring. 

Basically, once a guy starts to think about marriage , he will need to buy a proposal ring, called Solitaire. It's a ring with Diamond on top ...

So Nick bought the Solitaire from Wah Chan, I think is 0.4Carat diamond - RM 4xxx
Nice one ....

Then we wanted to look for wedding Band, is the paired wedding ring to b wear during and after the wedding ...

Initially we are clueless , we visited many many jewelry shop , from 1U to Pavilion to Sunway pyramid to Mid valley , and finally to The Garden... Le Lumiere Sdn Bhd. We bought on 6/3/15.

Female wedding band - zO 0013146 DIAMOND 750r gold diamond ring 2.23g Rm 2949.

Male wedding band - zV 0006341 R1763R 750rG dreams ring 5.59g Rm 1569

* Free umbrella + The Garden membership 

Till then.

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