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My Wedding Dairy - Flower Bouquet

Wanted to write about this cause I think flower bouquet is as important as wedding gown .. It's something that the bride hold the whole morning , esp for church wedding ceremony .

I don't have any preferance for the flower bouquet initially , but after seeing my Prewedding photo by Stareast, esp the one in glass chapel with me holding the red flower bouquet, I felt that this red flower bouquet really brighten up the whole photo. Cause my wedding gown is white color, so definitely I won't chose a light color hand bouquet , the flower will just blend with my gown.....

So I decided after chosing the photos, no matter how, I want a RED color roses as my flower bouquet . Thanks God my hand bouquet is prepared by the bridal house ( not by my florist decorator ), so it's all FRESH fresh flower with nice design n ribbon . Appreciate the handicraft by Priscilla from Stareast. She really try to modify the flower bouquet to my request . 

Yeah , this the hand bouquet , and the matching corsage on Nick's shirt.
I just want to show my cute pretty flower girl... Can't stop admiring her when i see this photo ....

Closer look on the hand bouquet ...

Ok let me tell a secret , I purposely take back the hand bouquet from my sister during Nick surprising song presentation session....... Cause I know there will b lots of photographing going on during Nick sing, so my gown plus look on the chair must look presentable, so I hold that hand bouquet. Looks sharp right the flower !!!
Next, The most important moment all the girls waiting for .....

Congrats to my pretty bestie in HKL - Dr Koon Ling, so she's the next !! 

Still remember when we r in HKL we got this group chat between Koon ling , Suwen and me . So in Dec 2013, suwen got married to Tim and throw her Hand bouquet to me. Then in Dec 2014, I got married and throw my hand bouquet to Koon Ling. So we predict for good news in Dec 2015 (hopefully la).... Haha. Cause she just end her bachelorette life early this year !!!!

If u notice, this is not the hand bouquet I hold in the morning. I understand the feeling of unable to keep the Fresh flower bouquet for long. Cause when all the flower dies, u will have hard feeling to throw that flower. I experienced that ! So I asked my decorator to make one fake flower bouquet mimic my actual fresh flower bouquet , just for the lucky girl to kept it for memory ....

After my turn , Nick felt hand itchy and decided that he wanna throw the hand bouquet as well ...... Hence, this scene occur ... Where Nick throwing the hand bouquet and a bunch of his Heng dai fighting hard to b the lucky next one .....
Yea, this lucky Ah Yap got the flower. He is still single available, very nice guy !

This photo reveal both the real and fake flower bouquet , and both the lucky guy n girl .

Hope to hear good news soon !!!

Till then.

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