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My Wedding Dairy - Dinner Reception Second Entrance and Yum Seng

Ok this post mainly is to show photos , during our wedding dinner reception. From the second entrance onwards...

My expression during second entrance is abit weird , cause suddenly half way walking I realized I need to go up stage straight away , then I need give speech cause my mum edy wrote a long Thank You list for me to give speech after the yum seng session... BUT, I left that paper in the bag and pass the bag to my church members before entering the hall =_=lll, so I was abit nervous that time .

This the reason why I was left alone on stage for a while, and the EMCEE is like keep introducing me - about what's my occupation , where I m working now , where I graduated from , what did I serve in church now , etc ... While waiting for Nick come back with that paper my mum wrote for me ...

Alright , luckily the emcee mr Ken Khoo knows me well, he is the one that witness the relationship between me and Nick from the starts till the wedding , and before Nick got together with me, Ken is his best movie mates .... 
Yeah, n my hubby came back with the " life saving paper "

So we start our champagne opening ceremony.

Ok la , those who got married before sure know this , it's not that difficult to open the champagne cap , provided if the restaurant staff already do something on the cap ..... 

Usually experience restaurant staff will lift up the cap abit before this champagne opening ceremony , then when u shake , the cap will open once enough bubbles ....

After pouring this , ur hands will felt very dirty cause the bottle is already wet with the champagne by the time u open the cap..

And this the exchange champagne ceremony 交杯酒...

I dono why nick want to toast before we drank the champagne ... Lol 

So we finished the champagne 

Next , the yum seng session with family. As tradition , first toast by groom 's dad ....

Second toast by Bride's dad...

More photos cause my dad can really shout ....

Last toast by the groom himself.

Lastly the post yum seng speech moment , I was damn nervous . 
Yeah the paper that I'm holding is the speech prepared by my mum.

My father in law give a very simple and meaningful speech ! 
Then my turn . Basically I'm just doing sight reading while giving the speech . 

Anyway, thanks God for these wonderful moment!

Till then . 

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