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My Wedding Dairy - Dinner reception First Entrance

Let's talk about the dinner reception first entrance . Honestly, our wedding dinner starts quite late. I didn't expect it to be so late. It's written in the invitation card as dinner starts 7pm, and cocktail starts 630pm... 

I reach home from the morning holy matrimony at 345pm, damn damn tire. Luckily my mum very understanding and decided to cancel the tea ceremony to my own relatives . So this allow me to fast fast wash my face and take a quick shower and go to the restaurant for the dinner make up . It suppose to starts at 4pm but I reach restaurant at 430pm. Then , nick 'smartly' lock our room door with the keys inside the room. I have no idea what happen after that cause I was just concentrating in the make up , with on and off interruption for the dinner hall decoration stuff ..

Yea, cocktail starts at about 645 pm. And thanks God the crowd are busy with the photobooth...

Finally my make up done about 730pm and I came out from the dressing room to say hi to my friends ... 

Then we started off the dinner with the groom n bride entrance again .
Nick's parents go first.....
Then my parents...

Till then.

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