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My Wedding Dairy - Dinner Reception Overall

YEAH, i had the luxury of having a wedding dinner reception of about 100 tables, let's talk about the dinner. Well, it's all blessing from God. Without Him, I am nothing, REALLY.

From the moment Nick proposed (on 29th December 2013, just one day after my birthday so very easy to remember), Nick’s father had been thinking which restaurant to book for us to held our wedding dinner.

Ok la, there is not much choice for us anyway, Seremban is a small town. Just like why I chose Royal Bintang Resort as the place for my temporary “Bridal Suite” and as accommodation for all my relatives and friends (ji mui). There is not much choice anyway.
Back to restaurant, there are only few luxurious restaurants to hold wedding dinner, the most common two are The Lucky Palace and Silver Dragon Restaurant. Silver Dragon Restaurant is preferred by most the of family because it’s relatively new and the hall is big. Most of Nick’s classmates (including those Datuk/Dato’s sons) held their wedding dinner in Silver Dragon Restaurant as well. I attended like 5-6 weddings of Nick’s friend in this restaurant prior to my own wedding. **Nick study in Seremban Chung Hua High School previously, the school they call “ rich kids school” in seremban. Seremban is a small town, I can’t stress this anymore.

Well, so in around mid of Jan2014 (damn efficient man!), after Nick’s dad discuss with the restaurant, we decided on our marriage date, which is the date given by the restaurant. That date is the only Saturday in December that year which the restaurant will be available for a Full Hall Wedding dinner. Oh ya, forgot to mention, Silver Dragon Restaurant is Nick’s family company’s customer anyway, so we deal with the restaurant quite often and we visited the restaurant very often as well.

Enough words, me myself oso sick of it edy. Let’s show picture of the dinner reception..

The liveband - by D'Moment studio. It's very good and worth the price. Thanks to my hubby for chosing this band. Thanks to Nicholas, the pianist, which is our church friends for helping us to find such good combination of musicians and singers in the band. 

One very important and unique part during my wedding dinner reception is the Dance Floor. Thanks to Nick, he wants a Western style wedding dinner. I don’t really care cause my main priority is on the morning session – The Holy Matrimony in church only. But, I do agree this is a special idea and not many people does it succefully before.

So after much persuasion, Nick finally gets me and my dad to the Dance floor and kick start the Dance floor session. I thanks God it’s a great success. Thanks to my lovely cell groups members, church members and our friends from all over the places. They came out to join the dance floor sessions and we all have fun!!

Yes and we have fun!! 

Till then.

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