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God's protection

The bible says

箴言14:26 敬畏耶和华的、大有依靠,他的儿女也有避难所。

Want to share this experience here. Just happen to me about an hour ago ....

God is very very good to me. I just drove back alone from Seremban to melaka. It's raining very very heavy when reaching Ayer keroh toll. I slow down on the last lane , praying loudly asking God to protect my car.

Then suddenly one car fly out behind from me, spinning one round in front of me and fly off terbalik to the land beside the highway. I make an emergency break when the car spin in front of me , and manage to pass by the lane once that car finish spinning and fly off terbalik to the side. 

Now I reach melaka home safely. But I know , God had save my life , thanks to dad n mum always praying for my safety out here . God is Good.

Till then.

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