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B humble

It's another hectic day in clinic , typical Monday. 

Early early morning , colleague came and ask for MC which I seriously don't think it's justifiable to give that MC . Just because he is more senior and he request for MC , then I need to give , I really have no idea . That left the clinic even more hectic ... 

So the day starts , with stack of cards and all similar complain , and of course with the common request 
" Doctor , Hari ini saya Tak pergi kerja tau, bagi MC ! "
" Er , doctor , boleh minta MC ke Tak ?! " 
" Doctor saya nak MC ! " 
" Doctor, boss saya Suruh datang clinic ambil MC " 
" Doctor , I Tak larat kerja Hari ini , bagi MC satu Hari " 
All these request wil b followed by my stern and unhappy and damn disgusted look plus reply " MC Tak boleh bagi , u nampak sihat, tekanan darah dan nadi u bagus, saya Akan bagi Surat pengesahan saja "

Then for those well-mannered patient , they will stop pestering and leave with the Time Slip. 

Those bad mannered + low class patient will goes 
" kenapa Tak boleh dapat MC ? I betul betul sakit u tau Tak ?! " 
" doctor tolong la, kali ini last , u bagi la MC "
" doctor saya dah bagi tau boss saya MC Hari ini tau ? "

I decided to write this post today because of one lady - she has a Datuk in front of her name, being damn rude , requesting me this and that , then force me to give MC , so I ask her what's her job , she proudly and Loudly answer " saya kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri tau !! " , then I just answer her with a disgusted look " oh it is , so?!" Deep inside my heart I was thinking " such a low class pegawai agama " 

Then conversation goes like 
Patient : doctor , I sakit sakit kaki macam ini Tak larat pergi kerja 
Doctor : oh u punya sakit hanya sakit sendi, tadi I nampak u jalan lagi
Patient : I kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri u tau (the second time she reminded me )
Doctor : oh , itu saja ke , boss u siapa ?
Patient : ketua menteri xxxxxx ( ok I don't know what name is that )
Doctor : siapa itu , I Tak tahu la , Tapi I rasa u Tak payah MC Hari ini , saya bagi Surat pengesahan
Patient : boss saya ketua menteri tau 
Doctor : so what ? Dia adalah manusia kan, kita semua manusia betul ?
Patient : u sendiri Tanya saya siapa boss saya , itulah sebab I bagi tau u boss saya ketua menteri ( this time she raise her voice louder and try to talk to another patient besides her ) 
Doctor : ok u dah banyak Kali Cakap dah, Nanti pergi ambil ubat .
Patient : jadi mana MC saya ?!
Doctor : u Tak payah MC .
Patient : Habis macam mana I pergi kerja?
Doctor : u kerja office kan ?
Patient : ya , Tapi I kena Jalan Jalan juga , I kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri tau ( this is the number X time she reminded me ) 
Doctor ( after being damn annoyed by her arrogance) : u nak MC I bagi , Tapi u make sure u pergi physio Hari ini dan rehat betul betul dekat Rumah . 
Patient : itulah , Suruh bagi MC , saya pegawai agama ketua menteri ( ....... The number XYZ time )
Doctor : ok ok , dah, u boleh pergi ambil ubat .

After this she goes to the nurse counter make a big fuss over how she is not given the ' appropriate ' respect by doctor . Till the nurse ask me " doctor , u memang hebat, dia Datuk tau ?! " I just told the nurse " so what , Datuk or not she is still a normal patient that came to a government clinic, if she is really that rich and highly respected , why don't she just go to a specialist clinic and request for a specialist treatment ....."

So I decided to go n write an incidence report about her . Cause I seriously think her MC is not indicated. 

Moral of the story , do not come to a government clinic with the hope of getting MC just for a mild fever, just few times of diarrhea , or few days of cough , or few days of runny nose , or few days of headache , or period pain . 

Do u know that the doctor sitting in front of u is exposed to all the germs daily , and prob he/she was also sick for many days but still come to work . Don't expect ur mild headache can earn u a free day off with the MC , we medical officer in Klinik kesihatan justify on all the MCs we offered. 

Till then. 

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