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My Wedding Dairy - Wedding Cinematography

I had been posting up things regarding my wedding recently.

Watch the videos here and here.

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God's protection

The bible says

箴言14:26 敬畏耶和华的、大有依靠,他的儿女也有避难所。

Want to share this experience here. Just happen to me about an hour ago ....

God is very very good to me. I just drove back alone from Seremban to melaka. It's raining very very heavy when reaching Ayer keroh toll. I slow down on the last lane , praying loudly asking God to protect my car.

Then suddenly one car fly out behind from me, spinning one round in front of me and fly off terbalik to the land beside the highway. I make an emergency break when the car spin in front of me , and manage to pass by the lane once that car finish spinning and fly off terbalik to the side. 

Now I reach melaka home safely. But I know , God had save my life , thanks to dad n mum always praying for my safety out here . God is Good.

Till then.

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B humble

It's another hectic day in clinic , typical Monday. 

Early early morning , colleague came and ask for MC which I seriously don't think it's justifiable to give that MC . Just because he is more senior and he request for MC , then I need to give , I really have no idea . That left the clinic even more hectic ... 

So the day starts , with stack of cards and all similar complain , and of course with the common request 
" Doctor , Hari ini saya Tak pergi kerja tau, bagi MC ! "
" Er , doctor , boleh minta MC ke Tak ?! " 
" Doctor saya nak MC ! " 
" Doctor, boss saya Suruh datang clinic ambil MC " 
" Doctor , I Tak larat kerja Hari ini , bagi MC satu Hari " 
All these request wil b followed by my stern and unhappy and damn disgusted look plus reply " MC Tak boleh bagi , u nampak sihat, tekanan darah dan nadi u bagus, saya Akan bagi Surat pengesahan saja "

Then for those well-mannered patient , they will stop pestering and leave with the Time Slip. 

Those bad mannered + low class patient will goes 
" kenapa Tak boleh dapat MC ? I betul betul sakit u tau Tak ?! " 
" doctor tolong la, kali ini last , u bagi la MC "
" doctor saya dah bagi tau boss saya MC Hari ini tau ? "

I decided to write this post today because of one lady - she has a Datuk in front of her name, being damn rude , requesting me this and that , then force me to give MC , so I ask her what's her job , she proudly and Loudly answer " saya kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri tau !! " , then I just answer her with a disgusted look " oh it is , so?!" Deep inside my heart I was thinking " such a low class pegawai agama " 

Then conversation goes like 
Patient : doctor , I sakit sakit kaki macam ini Tak larat pergi kerja 
Doctor : oh u punya sakit hanya sakit sendi, tadi I nampak u jalan lagi
Patient : I kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri u tau (the second time she reminded me )
Doctor : oh , itu saja ke , boss u siapa ?
Patient : ketua menteri xxxxxx ( ok I don't know what name is that )
Doctor : siapa itu , I Tak tahu la , Tapi I rasa u Tak payah MC Hari ini , saya bagi Surat pengesahan
Patient : boss saya ketua menteri tau 
Doctor : so what ? Dia adalah manusia kan, kita semua manusia betul ?
Patient : u sendiri Tanya saya siapa boss saya , itulah sebab I bagi tau u boss saya ketua menteri ( this time she raise her voice louder and try to talk to another patient besides her ) 
Doctor : ok u dah banyak Kali Cakap dah, Nanti pergi ambil ubat .
Patient : jadi mana MC saya ?!
Doctor : u Tak payah MC .
Patient : Habis macam mana I pergi kerja?
Doctor : u kerja office kan ?
Patient : ya , Tapi I kena Jalan Jalan juga , I kerja sebagai pegawai agama ketua menteri tau ( this is the number X time she reminded me ) 
Doctor ( after being damn annoyed by her arrogance) : u nak MC I bagi , Tapi u make sure u pergi physio Hari ini dan rehat betul betul dekat Rumah . 
Patient : itulah , Suruh bagi MC , saya pegawai agama ketua menteri ( ....... The number XYZ time )
Doctor : ok ok , dah, u boleh pergi ambil ubat .

After this she goes to the nurse counter make a big fuss over how she is not given the ' appropriate ' respect by doctor . Till the nurse ask me " doctor , u memang hebat, dia Datuk tau ?! " I just told the nurse " so what , Datuk or not she is still a normal patient that came to a government clinic, if she is really that rich and highly respected , why don't she just go to a specialist clinic and request for a specialist treatment ....."

So I decided to go n write an incidence report about her . Cause I seriously think her MC is not indicated. 

Moral of the story , do not come to a government clinic with the hope of getting MC just for a mild fever, just few times of diarrhea , or few days of cough , or few days of runny nose , or few days of headache , or period pain . 

Do u know that the doctor sitting in front of u is exposed to all the germs daily , and prob he/she was also sick for many days but still come to work . Don't expect ur mild headache can earn u a free day off with the MC , we medical officer in Klinik kesihatan justify on all the MCs we offered. 

Till then. 

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