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My Wedding Dairy - Deco#4: Restaurant/Dinner Reception

F. Dinner - reception area
1. Backdrop area 
- main photo provided by bridal house 

2. Oil painting photo with stand 
- provided by bridal house 
- shift from church 

3. Reception table 
- to put flower petals , guest book , flower bouquet shift from church
4. Flower stand x2
- shift from church 

5. Photo booth : Back drop area for photo taking 
- initial idea of chalk board was told unable to b done 
- need to replace with certain idea to compensate the inability to make the chalk board photo booth 

6.cocktail table
- to decorate with flower petals 

7. Wishing table area 
- to put photo album , photo frames and wishing jar
- shift from church 

G. Walkway area 
- arch provided by restaurant 

- ailes with red carpet and flower stand provided by restaurant 

G. Dinner - stage area
1. Big LOVE with lights 
- provided by NGA church 

2. Names 
- styrofoam cut names with creative design to stick on the backdrop clothes provided by restaurant

3. Cake table 
- provided by restaurant 

4. Champagne and cups 
- provided by restaurant 

H. Dinner - VIP table 
1. Centerpiece 
- to provide big tall flower stand as centerpiece and flowers at the side 
- already reject the idea of floating candles

2. Chairs deco for VIP table 
- chair clothes provided by restaurant 
- need to decorate with gold / red color ribbons on each chairs 
- mr and mrs sign board behind chairs : shift from church 

Till then. 

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