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My Wedding Dairy - Deco#1: Church Hall

The package include : 

A. Church wedding - hall area 

1. Square Arch on platform, in front of stage 
- fresh flower on the arch ( full height )
- height of arch : 6-7 feet , not to cover the livefeed /  PowerPoint screen behind
- platform is provided by NGA church

2.  Flower stands at each side of square arch 
- fresh flowers with decoration on stands

3.  Something cover the stage speaker ( the area behind the square arch )

- to cover with ribbons/clothes with decoration

 4. Round arch at back row
- fully cover with fresh flower
- arch stand provided by NGA church

5. Aisle
- both side decorate with flower petals (fresh flower) - pink + peach color, adequate amount
- organza cover to block middle entrance, tie on alternate chairs with a big fresh flower bouquet Above the chairs
- total 16 rows of chairs, so total of 16 flower bouquet require
- white carpet will b put on the ailes, the petals will put on the white carpet
- to make sure the middle carpet 's width is adequate and all the petals must put on white carpet area ( to add mahjung paper on the side if width of white carpet too small )
- white carpet provide by NGA church

6. Speaker's stand &Emcee's stand 
- to decorate with fresh flowers and organza ribbon

7. Signing / ROM table + 5 chairs
- cup for holy comunium will b on ROM table, to decorate the cup with ribbon
- one bouquet of fresh flower in the middle
- bible with lace ( ring + bible )
- 2 pens for signing ( to decorate the Pen )
- to bring the suitable cover for the table and 5 chairs
- bible with lace + table + chairs provided by NGA church

8. Bar table with candles 
- to decorate the bar table, clothes to cover 
- to put organza ribbon on the candle holder 
- candles and candle stand provided by Nick and Qian Hui

9.Bride + Groom chair
- 2 chairs beside the platform with square arch , to cover with suitable chair cover
- with mr and mrs sign board at back of the chairs

 That's the first part, to be continue.......

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