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My daddy

Just a random thought , suddenly I really miss my dad.

Had seen so many chronic cases ie patients with diabetes / high blood pressure / high cholesterol in clinic. I try my best to treat these patient nice, I hope some doctor out there will treat my dad the same !

They said daddy love for daughter is the greatest love in world, other than God's love of course. I totally agree that. 
My daddy n me in hometown church when I back over weekend last month.

The most heart-touching part of my life - walking down the ailes with my dad.
During the ROM in chung Hua, when my dad sign one of the most important paper in my life ...
The wedding dinner. Dad's coat is very nice !
Prior to church ceremony...

I prayed that God 's mercy and blessing and tremendous healing power + protection b with my dad . And my dad will stay healthy always. 

Till then. 

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