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My daddy

Just a random thought , suddenly I really miss my dad.

Had seen so many chronic cases ie patients with diabetes / high blood pressure / high cholesterol in clinic. I try my best to treat these patient nice, I hope some doctor out there will treat my dad the same !

They said daddy love for daughter is the greatest love in world, other than God's love of course. I totally agree that. 
My daddy n me in hometown church when I back over weekend last month.

The most heart-touching part of my life - walking down the ailes with my dad.
During the ROM in chung Hua, when my dad sign one of the most important paper in my life ...
The wedding dinner. Dad's coat is very nice !
Prior to church ceremony...

I prayed that God 's mercy and blessing and tremendous healing power + protection b with my dad . And my dad will stay healthy always. 

Till then. 

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Repost: Until that day...














也有越來越低的 EQ。






















那請你相信我 "等到有一天",你或許沒有機會再分享了。

Thanks 孫越叔叔sharing, it's a touching post.

Till then.

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Happy Chinese New Year

So it's cny !

Must show the food picture :
From our family BBQ at my aunt place ..
A place where I can see fire crackers so clearly...

My mother in law delicious cny dishes!

This the reunion dinner dishes at The Lucky Palace..
Selfie is a must ...
Same goes to family photo...

Lastly the terrible jam today when we travel back from perak to Seremban....
Thanks God we reach safely..

Till then.

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Repost: 过年该如何与不信主的家人相处?

Read this from website , thought of sharing here ...





Source :

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My Wedding Dairy - Post Wedding Sales

Well, I'm sure every bride will have their own dream and fantasy on their own wedding. Therefore , many won't mind spending lots of money in purchasing items related to wedding. However, after the wedding ends , only we realize , many of the things only used for once and we might not have chance to use that anymore....

Yeah , I'm in that category . Now that I'm staying in my new house , while tidy up my things , I realize I have lots of wedding related stuff that I don't thing I'll need that anymore . Therefore , planning to let go the following items in lower price.... My reassurance - all the items sold are either used only ONCE or it's BRAND NEW.

1. Brand New Wedding Gown 复古立领婚纱
I bought this gown from Tao Bao.

--齐地Floor length
--欧根纱Organza material
--拉链款Zip back type
--size M

Original price : RM 280
Selling price : RM 220
- 3 meter long veil (white with lace)
- gloves
- nice-design cotton hanger
- gown cover + hand carry bag 防尘罩

More photo on the gown and free gifts.
The quality is surprisingly good , despite the cheap price ! I'm so happy with this gown , however , I don't have chance to wore it cause it's too rush for me to change so many gown during dinner reception.

It's never been used before one , I only wore once during testing when I receive the gown. It fit nicely.
Kindly email me at qian28hui@gmail.com

This gown inspired by the Vera wang wedding gown the famous artist Vivian Su wore during her wedding . 

2. Brand New Bridal Crown 新娘皇冠
Bought from Tao Bao as well

- Korean Style 韩式
- Crystal Pearl 超闪水晶钻

Original price : RM 40
Selling price : RM 25
- black color Korean style hairband
- spectacular with thick frame ( can b used for pre wedding photo shoot !)

3. Brand New Silver Bride's Shoe 银色新娘鞋
Bought from some blogshop. 

水晶鞋 crystal shoe
- 银色 silver color
- pointed pump heel
- 真皮
- tall 8 cm
- shoe Size 38

Original price : RM 100
Selling price : RM 70
FREE postage

4. White Bride's Shoe 白色新娘鞋
- this one I used once for wedding photo shooting, but only shooting with me sitting down one, cause if I wore it , I'll b half a head taller then my husband !
Bought from some online blog shop. 

- 水晶鞋 crystal shoe
- tall 12 cm
- shoe Size 38

Original price : RM 200++
Selling price : RM 100
FREE postage

5. Brand new Bridesmaids and groomsmen peach color flower corsage (total 14 pairs left)
- I order 15 pairs , initially wanted to let all my bridesmaids to put on , but only managed to use one cause I left the rest at home.
Original price : RM 37.50 for 15 pairs
Selling price : RM 1.50 each pairs / 
RM 20 for all 14 pairs 

6. Wedding bridal nail art 
- used once during wedding photo shooting
- bought from Stareast bridal house during my pre wedding photo shooting there . Cause I m just clueless about the whole photo shooting thing initially , didn't get my nails done . So force to buy from the bridal house. 

Original price : RM 59
Selling price : RM 25
Dr Nano hydrating serum x2 bottles
( serum is damn important cause if u didn't bring ur own serum , that charges for one bottle serum by bridal house is damn expensive )
The nail art ...

Can email me at qian28hui@gmail.com for the above items yea . 

Till then. 

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My Wedding Dairy - Dance Floor during dinner reception

mentioned about the Dance floor session during my wedding dinner reception in my previous post . But I think this is quite an interesting part during the wedding dinner , so I decided to write on how to have a successful dance floor session during the wedding dinner reception.. 

Honestly it's all God's grace. 

1. A big hall
Our dinner reception venue - Silver Dragon Restaurant have a spacious banquet hall, and because we booked the whole hall, so the restaurant manage to spare out the front parts for us to have our dance floor session.

2. Livecast screen 
Thanks to our church video crew , they help us to fullfil our desire of having Livecast on the screen during the dinner reception. I dono how they manage to get it done , but it's just amazing. Livecast screen is important cause the hall is damn big , so those who sits at the back sometime have difficulty to see what's going on on the stage. Since the hall has 8 big LCD screen, so we made full used of it by putting the Livecast on the screen !
Like this... Everyone in the hall can see the performance on stage so clearly !

3. Good quality Liveband and Emcee
Our liveband is from d'moment , main person in charge Nicholas is our close church friend. He got us these two very very talented singers and 4 skillful musician ( Nicholas himself is the keyboardist ). This liveband really help us a lot during the dance floor as they really encourage the crowd to dance and tailored their songs to ease our dance floor session!
According to the crowd , this singer can sing damn damn high pitch , in Chinese called 海豚音. I didn't hear that , prob during that time I'm in dressing room changing dress , but many ppl give me damn good comment on this liveband !
This is our Emcee Ken Khoo ( the one holding a mike ), is our close friend as well , he is the one that accompany Nick till 3am to help us clean up the house , help Nick to tidy his stuff etc etc. He is a damn experience Emcee and help us in encourage the crowd to join the dance floor.

4. A comfy gown 
Yeah, for second entrance , I changed my gown from the long white gown to this pink gown, which is much lighter and easier to move about .
It's really important cause u don't wanna stuck on the gown while dancing.

5. Supportive daddy 
So the dance floor usually start off with ~the first dance~ of daddy and daughter. 
So to kick start the dance floor, the bride usually will dance with her daddy. Thanks my dear daddy who is always so supportive! 

Some ppl told me it's touching seeing me dancing with my dad. Now when I flash back this memory , I really felt grateful for God's blessing !

6. A group of supportive friends !
I really thanks my cell group members and church members , they give us full support when nick told them about the idea of dance floor.
Our cell group leader pastor Raymond and his newly wed wife Chloe is the first to come and join us during the dance floor..
Then comes the rest of my cell group members , enjoying themselves !
Oh ya I oso dono in the middle it suddenly become a group dance thing, where everyone hold hand and dance in the circle.
Oh and my flower bouquet receiver dear KKL is damn sporting , she dance with the ' male bouquet receiver ' ah Yap. ( cause nick saw me throwing flower In the morning , so he decide to throw oso , and ah Yap got the flower )
Yeah all enjoying themselves. Oh this is the pic me hugging JooHor Tan my dearest housemate during IMU BJ days..

Last but not least,
7. Enthusiastic Bride and Groom
It's damn important as ur enthusiastism will influence others.
Nick really let his hair down and makes effort to encourage others to join the dance floor ...

He even pull his mum , ie my mother in law to join the dance floor..

See , we both are so happy . Haha

Yeah , really glad that God's blessing with us ! Lastly the photo of us and our dear cell group members .

Till then . 

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