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My Wedding Dairy - The proposal video

Cause I told my church wedding coordinator , Sis Michelle that I want a different bridal entrance, and I decided to put up the proposal video before the bridal entrance . So Wilsom had help us edit this video , and we manage to put it up prior to bridal entrance . :)

The touching proposal video ... I shed tears Everytime playing this video ..... Esp on my father 's speech part . 

Thanks to Wilson... And thanks so much Alvin On(nick's younger brother), Bryan Chang(a very 有义气Heng dai), Nicholas Tham (my wedding dinner reception liveband coordinator)...they purposely drove down to my hometown Ayer Tawar to shoot the speech by my dad and my brother . My mum is sick during the shooting time , so didn't go into the video ....my sister not back in AT yet so she can't b in the video as well ....

Till then .

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