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My Wedding Dairy - Photobooth as Dinner Reception Doorgift

We had our wedding dinner reception at Silver Dragon Restaurant in Seremban 2, full hall, around 96 tables.

Since nowadays , most of the wedding dinner reception provides Doorgift to all the guest, and most of the couples will have their pre-wedding photoshoot photo printed in 4R photo then distribute to the guests .... But, honestly, how many of us kept the door gift from our friends' wedding for ...erm, let's say 1 year ?! So we decided to hire this photobooth and make it as our doorgift ! 

So every guest who attended our wedding has the chance to take photo in this photobooth and get a FREE photo print-out each, it's unlimited prints !! 

Like this ......

Details on my Dinner reception door gift: 
INSTAMEDIA Premium Photography
- total price : RM 2749 for 4 hours  services
- booked during wedding fair in KLCC March 2014
- instabooth rental for 3 hours RM 2399
- addition hour service RM 350/hour
- unlimited premium photo prints + reprints
- theme props provided
- custom photo templates
- custom user interface
- soft copy of pictures & online gallery
- booth attendants
- set up & dismantle
- guest book and extra one copy each for all the photos printed during the event

Yea, and this the cover photo the Instamedia photobooth 's designer made for me when she posted up our photos on Facebook ....

And the props can b used for group photo taking as well .....

And my S2 cell group members enjoy it so much !!

I think I expressed better in Chinese , regarding why I choose photobooth as wedding doorgift .... 



在婚纱展看到了photobooth,我俩玩得不亦乐乎,也得知他们提供*无限印刷照片/unlimited print*,立刻决定租下它当成我俩送给宾客的礼物。

再说,photobooth这concept在我们的朋友群中可不是那么普遍,我表哥在Australia举行的婚礼就是送photobooth照片为door gift! 所以, 这photobooth可正符合了我想办“西式婚礼”的奢求!!!

在与INSTAMEDIA photobooth 的designer讨论照片template时,她很耐心为我修改template (最多三次修改)。婚礼后,她也帮我把照片upload在他们的Facebook page! 

Our friends having so much fun in this small square camera box !!!

Talking about this photobooth , I really really need to credit two of our friends !  

One is Kien Jeen (MD), my IMU dear uni-mate who is now working as a doctor in Australia. 

He 'create' the cartoon-'Bolanerdy' logo for us as wedding gifts , inspired by one our pre wedding photo I email to him .... ! It's damn cute I love it !!

And also Wilson Lim, who is now working for Astro as some video graphic design thing ( ok I dono the job title >_< ). 

He designed the bulletin and part of the photobooth photos template for us, he also did the video editing for us prior to the wedding !

This the bulletin distributed during the morning church ceremony ...

Photo of the leng zai Wilson, who  stands beside my handsome hubby .... :)

Lastly , happy New Year 2015 ya. 
May God bless us abundantly as we continue keep our faith in Him. 

Till then.

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