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My Wedding Dairy - ROM in Seremban

Let's talk about our ROM.

We decided to have our Registration Of Marriage in Church on the same date as our Holy Matrimony. I always thought signing The paper is the most touching part during the church wedding ceremony. 

Unfortunately , our church Rev does not have the certificate of hosting ROM. However, God is always good to His son n daughter , He knows my desire and make a way for me to have my ROM in church!!! 

Anyway, cause it's the rule for Chinese Assembly to have the signing done in their building before we can invite their 注册官to come over to our Church for the ROM ceremony in church. 

So since my parents need to come Seremban for our Holy Matrimony's rehearsal, we decided to have our signing ceremony done during that period of time. It's really a rushing day for us on that day, cause the day before we had our rehearsal till mid night , then the next day early morning we sent my sister to KLIA as she needs to fly back to Penang. 

Our ROM in Chinese Assembly Seremban is on 24th September 2014, Monday 2pm. Ok, don't ask me why the timing so weird, we choose timing that suits our parents timing and the 注册官timing. Thanks God the 注册官 is my father in law good friend, so that afternoon he purposely come over to held the ceremony, and he came over to our church on our wedding actual day for the same thing as well.

(special note here, the cost for such arrangement is RM 349 : RM 200 for the church ceremony, RM 149 for having the signing ceremony on weekday, standard charges for Chinese Assembly Seremban. If chose to have ROM done on any Saturday morning, it cost RM 99 only )

Because I'm so tire, I really have no mood to put make up or do a nice hairdo during the simple signing ceremony. However, my mother in law told me cannot like that, need to at least look pleasant on this important occasion. So I Msg Vivian, the lady boss for Passion Bridal house, who is also a Make up artist in Seremban, for help in hairdo. She told me to just drop by her shop before going to Chinese Assembly building, their shop actually just next to the Chinese Assembly Building.

So we went , and both the couple, Isaac the boss / photographer help Nick to apply face powder and tidy up his hair , Vivian the lady boss / MUA helping me with my make up touch up and hairdo.
Love my hairdo on that day ... And can u believe the touch up + hairdo was done in less than 10 min cause we are in a rush!

Also thanks God, when we are there, Isaac told us he is free during that period of time and decided to follow us there to help us capture this important moment. Before we able to say thanks, he already packed his bag and equipment, walk over to Chinese Assembly Building and waiting for us there.

The vow declaration + signing ceremony moment...

So all these photos taken by Isaac. Group photos as well.

The photos are available on my Facebook:-

So if you are still surveying for wedding photographer or bridal house or actual day bridal make up artist or ROM photographer, I strongly recommend Passion Bridal Selection, 
Address: No 35G, Jalan tun dr Ismail, 70200Seremban, NSDK
Tel: 06-761996 or 06-7611337
Facebook: passion bridal selection
All the staff there are damn friendly!! Strongly recommended !!!!!
Reasonable price, High quality photos, Customize image design, Unique album design.... Where else can u find in Seremban!

The boss for Passion Bridal Selection Seremban, one of the best bridal house in Seremban. 

Thanks God for such a great couple ! May God bless u guys abundantly.

Till then.

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