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My Wedding Dairy - Prewedding Photoshoot at Stareast

So I edy post up lots of pre wedding photos on fb, just wanna show more here . Hehe . 

Someone ask me how much I spent for pre wedding photoshooting from Stareast bridal house, I used to b moderate and tell ppl it's about rm5k. Well, now I admit I'm not honest about it, the actual total cost is RM8k plus plus ....

Here's how a bridal house able to make a RM5k package to RM8k by the time u finish all the whole package ......

Show photos first .....

Package signed up on 2/3/14 at Mid Valley bridal fair. 
Main person in charge: Priscilla (KL), Amy (Penang)

Package RM6888 with cash rebate RM2000
- total 6 image designs in Penang + KL
- free lifetime Stareast membership + voucher book
- 100 soft copies and 50 hard copies with touch up (ie 50+50 poses)
- main album: crystal pearl 36" x 12" , 10 pages (30 poses design)
- 2nd album: crystal pearl 20" x 15" , 10 pages (20 poses design)
- 1 hard casing for photo album 
- Main photo frame: 72" x 36"
- Oil painting photo frame: 30" x 15"
- family photo frame: 15" x 10" --> I chose this to replace 姐妹照
- One track (photo Slideshow)
- One guest book 11" x 8.5" with 80 photos (15 pages)
- free 2D1N stay at Flamingo Hotel by the beach (Deluxe room hill view with free breakfast)
- free one new groom's coat
- free Group photoshoot with free make up for 2 bridesmaids
- free family photoshoot 
- free three small gifts (include small photo frame etc)
- touch up photo, RM 35/photo
- additional soft copy, RM 80/photo
The main photo frame
Oil painting
These are free gifts from Stareast. 

Small photo album

Guest book

Actual Day items: 3 bridal gown, 2 groom coat, bridal car decoration, bridal bouquet (fresh flower), groom corsage
The gown from Stareast, the crown and veil oso , so to the bridal bouquet and groom corsage.

My prewedding shoot is on 24/9 and 26/9/2014, one day in Penang , one day in KL.

Make up artist: Amy
MUA Assistant: (forgot her name, a nice girl)
Photographer: Ben
Photographer assistant: Habil

Venue 1 - 
Flamingo Hotel by the Beach
Jalan Tanjung Bungah,
Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Bar lounge of Flamingo hotel.
Room type : Deluxe Hill View with breakfast for 2 person
Stayed on 23-25th sept 2014, 2D1N stay free, another night stay I book through Agoda.com, early booking saver rate with 20% discount , USD 71.90 (MYR 230.14)
Only hotel guest can took pre wedding photo shoot there .... Amy is very close with the hotel staff , so early early edy inform that we going for photo shoot . So we don't have much issue with the hotel during photo shooting . Oh since we stay there , so my first and second image design all done in the hotel room , it's quite spacious.

And we can take photo by the beach, inside the hotel...

Venue 2 - 
Georgetown Banker Street

Venue 3 - 
Clan Jetty, we go to Jetty Tan

Ok, a reminder for btb, pls bring bread or biscuit along during photoshooting . We all are damn hungry by the time we finish shooting at Clan jetty. And thanks God my parents are coming for family photoshoot , so they bought us McD. We felt energetic after the meal. Lol.

Venue 4 - 
Stareast Perai studio ( indoor + outdoor )
Photo while my wedding gown brought for minor alteration cause I can't fit into it T_T

Next is outdoor - the famous Stareast wedding city in Perai....

Yeah, in this wedding city , this nice chapel view photo was taken...

Then we proceed to photo taking in KL, so another round of make up and hairdo. So use up another box of ampules plus hair tonic....

Make up artist: Pearlin
MUA assistant: (forgot her name as well)
Photographer: Allan
Photographer assistant: Bobby

Venue 1 -
Stareast Sunway Studio

The photographer are amazed my the shoes I brought so taking photo on those shoe . Lol.

Venue 2 - 

Yeah, thanks to the behind the scene shoot by my sister at Penang and by my photographer in KL.

Well, before I proceed to elaborate on the add on by the bridal house , here's the photos from my big album ...

The addition fees add up to about RM 3k plus ....
- Family photo --> make up for my mum RM180
- 3 boxes of make up ampules set (includes 3 bottles Ampules + 1 make up removal) RM 165 x3 = RM 495
- 1 box hair tonic set (3 ampules hair serum) RM 80
- 1 box nail art RM 59 + glue RM 15 = RM 74
- 1 bottle body foundation RM 89
- 1 pair eye lashes RM 89
- Behind the scene with one photobook (15 pages) RM 299
- Night view scene RM 380
- Wood stand RM 180
- Add soft copies x8 RM 30 x8 = RM 240
- Add touch up copies x8 RM 35 x8 = RM 280
- Family photo soft copies with touch up x12 RM 80 + 25(touch up) = RM 655.20 (-48% from RM1260)
- Deposit for Gown : cheque RM 800 ( refundable )

These are the additional photos taken from the studio...

So the total cost for my Stareast photoshoot package is RM 8000 plus , excluding all the petro n toll fees etc etc.

Thanks God for He is our provider. Would have been damn difficult if no God's blessing...

Till then.

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