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My Wedding Dairy - Pre-Wed Facial, Hairdo, Nailart

Usually we have around 9-12 months to prepare for wedding.

found this wedding beauty checklist , quite useful. And I think all brides should have facial / hair treatment / nail treatment done before the Big day . It's important. Can u imagine ur sister / ur mother / ur mother in law / ur aunties / ur cousin / ur far far away aunties is doing Facial before ur wedding just to look nice on ur wedding day , and you as a bride aka the most important person didn't go for facial .....

So in order to look nice smiling with teeth, Nick On keep pestering me to go for braces. It's a damn painful experience I would say, I won't b doing if Nick didn't promise to pay for the whole treatment... 
It's damn suffering ok. And Nick seem like never felt bad for me cause until now he still felt proud he pay for my braces. Oh ya, I'm going to put the braces back soon. T_T

Before I put on braces , I did some survey orthodontic treatment. This White Smile Dental Clinic is the dental clinic with best review in Malaysia so far , but cost is expensive. 
I went there for consultation once. And I love the dentist . And the shop in Times Square. Just that during that time I'm still undecided for braces yet, so didn't sign up package.
The dentist, after examine my teeth, actually told me this: ' Miss, honestly, for u, if u opted for this orthodontic treatment, it's purely for Cosmetic reason only, it's not for treatment, so u need to understand that.' He is not pushy for the treatment as well. 
Oh one thing to mention, the dental clinic is so pinky !

Then Nick suggest me do orthodontic treatment in Seremban - 真善美牙科 , this the most reknwon dental clinic in Seremban, plus the pioneer dentist is Nick's dad good friend. His dad also do his tooth implant here one . 

Plus the price is affordable compare to KL orthodontic treatment price. The treatment charge is as below :
However, the waiting list is damn damn damn long..... I enquiry on Early January, but I was only given first consultation appt on late march .... T_T

So after that Nick's friend intro this orthodontic clinic, in PJ one.
I have my braces done here, starting end of February 2014, on express correction cause we need to see the result short period of time...
According to the dentist , my problem is non-centre teeth + mild protruding teeth. So I was advice for two side teeth extraction prior to treatment. 
The process is painful.

Oh ya, there's one more dental clinic in Seremban that I need to mention - Ting Dental 田氏牙科. 

Cause me n nick only will b in Seremban on weekend. And most (almost 99%) dental clinic appointment is fully booked on Saturday - try to call those clinic on Saturday, u will really vomit blood cause all clinic oso told u their appt full. Only this clinic - Ting's dental is the one with empty slot ! 

I went there for tooth extraction and I do understand why the clinic no business edy - cause the charges is not worth the price at all !! I did 2 tooth extraction + normal scaling , cost RM 460... RM 150 for one tooth extraction... =_=lll 

Not to say the technique damn good, n the counter clerk oso damn arrogant, if not because I only can do this simple dental treatment during weekend , plus this clinic is the only one appointment not full one  , I oso won't go there. 

One more thing I need to mention about this clinic is about the scaling scale. Nick had scaling done THREE times for the SAME tooth in less than 2 months, and they charge him RM 150 each time he went. 明明就是技术问题还好意思跟人收钱,柜台小姐态度又很差. I really won't recommend this dental clinic to anyone !

So before I take my pre wedding photo in sept 14, all my photo smile with mouth closing one .

Hhm this the before-after, I don't know got what difference la. Lol.

I did my facial at Sense De Beauty Bodyline. The beauty saloon owns by my brother in law 's girlfriend - Jeanie.

Two times prior to pre wedding photo shooting - intensive hydro lifting whitening facial with ampules, eye tx and neck tx  x2 - RM 350

Three times prior to wedding actual day -  hydra clinic facial with 24k eye ampules x3 - RM 1044

I dye my hair to light brown color prior to pre wedding photo shooting @ Gold Phoenix Hair Saloon - 15, Jalan Era Square 2, 70200 Seremban
- coloring + cut + wash Rm 232
- retouch up prior to actual day for RM 50
With black hair...

After coloring the hair.

Lastly, regarding Nailart ...

For pedicure, I did @ uniqueen nail saloon, for RM 116

They have bridal manicure package with damn cheap price. But cause I'm in rush so don't get to do my manicure there. 

I end up did my manicure at @ jovial nail spa, RM 231 - for Gel Nailart + 3D art... 

Till then.

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