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My Wedding Dairy - Post Wedding Sales

Well, I'm sure every bride will have their own dream and fantasy on their own wedding. Therefore , many won't mind spending lots of money in purchasing items related to wedding. However, after the wedding ends , only we realize , many of the things only used for once and we might not have chance to use that anymore....

Yeah , I'm in that category . Now that I'm staying in my new house , while tidy up my things , I realize I have lots of wedding related stuff that I don't thing I'll need that anymore . Therefore , planning to let go the following items in lower price.... My reassurance - all the items sold are either used only ONCE or it's BRAND NEW.

1. Brand New Wedding Gown 复古立领婚纱
I bought this gown from Tao Bao.

--齐地Floor length
--欧根纱Organza material
--拉链款Zip back type
--size M

Original price : RM 280
Selling price : RM 220
- 3 meter long veil (white with lace)
- gloves
- nice-design cotton hanger
- gown cover + hand carry bag 防尘罩

More photo on the gown and free gifts.
The quality is surprisingly good , despite the cheap price ! I'm so happy with this gown , however , I don't have chance to wore it cause it's too rush for me to change so many gown during dinner reception.

It's never been used before one , I only wore once during testing when I receive the gown. It fit nicely.
Kindly email me at qian28hui@gmail.com

This gown inspired by the Vera wang wedding gown the famous artist Vivian Su wore during her wedding . 

2. Brand New Bridal Crown 新娘皇冠
Bought from Tao Bao as well

- Korean Style 韩式
- Crystal Pearl 超闪水晶钻

Original price : RM 40
Selling price : RM 25
- black color Korean style hairband
- spectacular with thick frame ( can b used for pre wedding photo shoot !)

3. Brand New Silver Bride's Shoe 银色新娘鞋
Bought from some blogshop. 

水晶鞋 crystal shoe
- 银色 silver color
- pointed pump heel
- 真皮
- tall 8 cm
- shoe Size 38

Original price : RM 100
Selling price : RM 70
FREE postage

4. White Bride's Shoe 白色新娘鞋
- this one I used once for wedding photo shooting, but only shooting with me sitting down one, cause if I wore it , I'll b half a head taller then my husband !
Bought from some online blog shop. 

- 水晶鞋 crystal shoe
- tall 12 cm
- shoe Size 38

Original price : RM 200++
Selling price : RM 100
FREE postage

5. Brand new Bridesmaids and groomsmen peach color flower corsage (total 14 pairs left)
- I order 15 pairs , initially wanted to let all my bridesmaids to put on , but only managed to use one cause I left the rest at home.
Original price : RM 37.50 for 15 pairs
Selling price : RM 1.50 each pairs / 
RM 20 for all 14 pairs 

6. Wedding bridal nail art 
- used once during wedding photo shooting
- bought from Stareast bridal house during my pre wedding photo shooting there . Cause I m just clueless about the whole photo shooting thing initially , didn't get my nails done . So force to buy from the bridal house. 

Original price : RM 59
Selling price : RM 25
Dr Nano hydrating serum x2 bottles
( serum is damn important cause if u didn't bring ur own serum , that charges for one bottle serum by bridal house is damn expensive )
The nail art ...

Can email me at qian28hui@gmail.com for the above items yea . 

Till then. 

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