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My Wedding Dairy - In search of Wedding Decorator

Busy at clinic past few days , don't get to update blog. 

I'm gonna talk about my wedding decoration here. I wanted a Garden Themed wedding in Church, an elegant plus romantic style Holy Matrimony, a grand plus classy Dinner Reception.

So I had met up few vendors on wedding decoration. They are all nice person, but due to budget issue we didn't hire them in the end. 

Let's talk about these wedding decoration vendors first.

1. Art of love
This the decoration proposal prepare by art of love, after our first meeting at their PJ office.
This the budget / price quoted by them....
Everything looks nice, but the budget stop us from continue the contract with them. :(

The person in charge of our decoration proposal is Miss Jael, Event / Wedding Planner, M: +6017-714 3882 .
She is a very nice person, and she gave us lots of advice and ideas. She even help us to revise our decoration proposal after we told her our request. 

W: www.aolove.co
E:  love@aolove.co 
F:  aolove.co
I:   http://instagram.com/byartoflove

2. The DecorFairy
I almost hire this vendor if my husband didn't stop me... Minimum budget quoted is RM 8k...
The proposal prepared by The Decor Fairy. I love their idea of customization, which is very personalize, and they customize the cakes/cookies/dessert bar together.

The Person in charge is Winnie Poh, M: 012-3409883, a gorgeous + pretty young lady. You won't believe she is a mother of two ! She gave us lots of great ideas and personal advice based on her own experience during our first meeting at Starbucks Midvalley. She told us she bakes those customize cookies/cupcakes/etc herselves!

W: www.decorfairy.com
E: info@decorfairy.com
F: DecorFairy

3. Limestar Production
I dono where Nick found this vendor, but apparently is quite affordable.
The person in charge is Roger Liau, he is quite passionate in explaining their package to us. But too bad they are mainly doing renting and artificial flowers decoration, which doesn't suits our expectation.

W: http://www.limestar.com.my

4. Paper & Colour Inspiration
From the name, we know this vendor won't use fresh flower much. Their service is on Wedding / Party / Event / Decoration. Lee met up with them in their ss2 office.
The person in charge of our wedding decoration proposal is Meg Cheong. Phone: 016 939 1984. She listen to our request carefully, and jot down our preference. Then she gave us a detail quotation in very short period of time. But budget is the main hinder for us in hiring them as our wedding decorator.

Address: No 31, 1st Floor, Jln USJ Sentral 3, Persiaran Surian Subang 1, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
W: www.paperncolour.blogspot.com
F: Papar n Colour

5. Babybreath Decor Design
This vendor helps the famous blogger Chessie/Ringo in her Romantic Santorini wedding. 
They give us the quotation in email just 1-2 days after I enquire, very prompt reply ! However, again, budget issue.

6. amWEd Wedding Planner
Another great decorator to consider, the person in charge that keep reply my emails plus enquiry is Jess, Tel: 012-270 5238Fax: 03-6151 2232.

7. Petals n Palette
This vendor has very very nice profile!

Website: http://petalsnpalette.blogspot.com                                                                      Contact: 016-3571177 (Chew Shan) / 016-8468698 (Tina)
Saw their standard package here , quite affordable oso.

8. La Memorial
I was impressed by their Giant standee actually ( it cost RM 380 / piece ), so I asked for the package. They are actually specialize in photobooth backdrop decoration. So our fresh flower idea is not really what they are specialize in...
Nick's best friend wedding which held 2 weeks before ours hire this wedding decoration company. Their service and deco very nice !
This big photo back drop and props all by the deco company ! I love it ! But cost $$$....

Another few I just email them for quotation, they are quite nice in replying emails ...

9. Memories De Wedding

10. Eternal Event Management

11. SS2U
Something Special To You (SS2U) Decor
T: 012-6451108
No 63, Mezz Floor, Jalan SS2 / 64, PJ.
(Exactly Above Watsons, Next to Sun Hing Long Kopitiam & Kamdar)
<Tues-Sat:10am-8pm, Sun&Mon:10am-7pm>
W: www.somethingspecialtoyou.com

12. Wishing Tree

13. Little Sweet Occasion

Then we went back to Seremban, and meet up with this florist - Javen's Florist Seremban. We deal with the boss James. He is a nice person to talk to, and he gave lots and lots of promise, the price agreed for all our required wedding decoration ideas is RM 5000, with all fresh flower for decoration - both church and dinner reception deco included.

We signed up the package on early May 2014, and paid on the spot, half of the price as deposit.

Then I compose a PDF file on the things I wants and mailed to James , he reply me said noted. Then there's no news at all from the florist. 

Our next meet up on September 2014, which I think is quite late , judging that James didn't give me any proposal and updates despite us asking ... 

So during the meet up , I had told him lots of my request, but most my ideas keep being turn down by James. He suddenly denies the fact that he promise to give me ALL fresh flowers on deco. And refuse to provide us the things he promise , such as big back drop photobooth, fully fresh flower arches, chalk board welcome board , Etc etc.

These are the sample photo of wedding decoration I sent to him as inspiration.
Ok I admit I really really love and admire the movie star / singer Vivian Hsu wedding, from her wedding decoration to her wedding gown... I try to copy her style ...
But too bad she is too damn pretty and her husband too rich.

So we complain about the un-satisfy meet up with James to our church 师母, who had been the key person who is in charge of all the previous wedding deco in our church. So we decided to held another meet up with James , this time the venue set in church, easier for discussion. 

So James jot down the things we requested on papers.
Then , I compose all and mailed to him as inspiration.

I recheck back my emails , and quite disappointed as my ppt slides for decoration inspiration is not even being analyse by this decorator. He ask me to resent him the pictures...

Our last meet up on finalizing the decoration, is held just one week before the wedding. That again, I did called him few days before that meet up requesting for proposal and oso to see the design he had made, but he scolded me back, say I keep rushing him. And he answered me back when I query him about what if he can't deliver the things I want because he did all the things so last minutes , he said ' that's my problem , u no need to worry about it! ' 

So we end up getting all these almost dying and ugly color flowers on my wedding day , cause James refuse to let me check on the flowers and refuse to review to me what types of flower he is ordering for me...

I remember three days before my wedding , when I ask him why the things I wanted is not done, he answer me back saying 'what u want now, it's already so last minutes and we have no time for these '... 

He don't even show me the soft copy of the design and printed this out to put as my wedding welcome board.

Me and nick told him like more than 10 times , we want a chalk board design welcome board . But I got this cheap printed poster that hang over a metal board using stylophone tapes...

And the cartoon design is created by my friend, I told James he can use that but is to have a chalk board design. I didn't know he just copy paste whole thing and printed it out. 

I was very very disappointed. As we trusted him as a Christian and I heard he is holding a high respected position in his church, but he didn't deliver his promise and scolded me back ... 

Yea, I didn't border to pay back the remaining balance till now.

He called to collect money once, then we told him we wanted to have discussion on the items he provide us , to see is the package price tally with our budget , and to run through the list see whether he did deliver what we order . James throw tantrum at Nick saying ' what else u wanna discuss, it's already over and I just want to collect money '. 

Since then, he never bordered us. I guess he did realize he had cheated our money and didn't deliver what he promise. So for whoever that having wedding in Seremban, don't trust this Javen florist anymore, a money - cheating florist who claims that they does wedding decoration in Seremban... unless u deal directly with Carmen, the assistant ...

Till then.

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