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My Wedding Dairy - Bridesmaid + Flower Girls Dress

My initial planned bridesmaid dress color is - Rainbow color.. Cause I really dono what color to chose!

Then as time goes by, I finally decide my wedding theme , which is MINT color, cause this is an interesting color, not being used widely yet , in Chinese / Christian culture weddings.

And I love garden-themed wedding, but I know as a Christian that grown up in church, it's such a privilege to b able to walk down the aisles in own church. Not every Christian who wish to get married in church have the chance to do so. So my wedding 's holy matrimony is held in church. But to made the garden-theme wedding dream comes true, I request my decorator to decorate the hall with lots of fresh flowers , and along with the flowers, mint color dresses suit the theme perfectly!

These are my inspiration while I'm doing research on mint color wedding...

Then I decided to search for bridesmaid / ji mui dress on Tao Bao... And I found this.
The shop is listed under Tmall 天猫, so I decided to order immediately.
It took 3 weeks for the dresses to arrive, and I really love it.
The photo taken in hotel room , before my dear ji mui went down for the Gatecrash...

The quality and color of the dress quite nice ! Plus the price is reasonable, I strongly recommended !! My sister is maid of honor , so I let her wear white color dress. She is quite smart cause she bought a mint color belt , so suits the whole theme ! 

Another group photo, in church ...
Photo with the 'Heng dai's at hotel lobby.

With my dear sister.
This Koon Ling help me a lot in my church Holy Matrimony, she help me to adjust the gown and made my gown look nice on photo shooting !
And she is the NEXT ONE cause she got my hand bouquet !!!!

Regarding the 'Heng Dai' dress code, cause Nick wanted them to wear vest and put on black tie, the vest some of them put on their own vest, those who don't have rented from Passion Bridal House, the bridal house just in front of our church and own by our dear friend Isaac Cheok. 

Oh one highlight regarding Heng dai dress code , is the search for the black color tie. As most of the Heng dai don't have black tie, so nick wanted to buy for them. We went to this Hinode Shop (aka RM 5 shop), and manage to found one black tie, then the salesperson ask us to go find in other outlet, so that night, we went mall by mall (literally !! We went from sunway pyramid to Festival City Mall to Wangsa walk mall to Aeon Big Wangsa Maju). Then each shop we found One black tie only, RM 5 each. In the end we walk into the aeon grocery shop in Aeon Big Wangsa Maju, and manage to find few black tie with RM 15 each.

Story doesn't end here, the day after our mall-to-mall-black-tie-search, we went to Midvalley and walk into Daiso, we saw like more than 10 black ties on the shelf....RM5 each.. T_T

Anyway, that's a memorable event for us esp doing that just few days before our wedding !

Next, regarding the flower girls. Initially I was cracking my head to find the suitable dress for them. Ok honestly, I didn't realize I ask so many kids to b flower girls and boys. Then I think should b ok as long as their attire are synchronized.

So I found this online...gives me great idea on my flower girls dress...

We found one shop in Seremban Big Market, selling all these girls princess dress , the boss is my mother in law 's friend, so he gave us good deal, I bought 3 white dresses from that shop, cost abit RM 70-80 each. 

Then, I buy the Mint color clothes from another shop at Pasar oso, quite cheap, less than RM 10.

Then, my mother in law brought the dresses to one of her tailor friend, to change the ribbon belt to mint color...

Like this ......

After adding the ribbon, it turn up like this....
Hhm, if I didn't tell where I bought all these dresses plus ribbon, will u think that all these are from Pasar ?!

We bought the coat, shirt and pants for the ring bearer, from the same shop as the dresses, about RM 100 ++. Another two boys have their own coat and pants. So we just add on the mint color bow tie..
I seriously love the mint color effect!

More photo on my cute flower girls / ring boy / flower boy.

The group photo.

All the bridesmaid + ji mui + flower girl dresses, we decided to make it as our appreciation presents to these special people that help us accomplish our dream wedding ! 

Some ppl do ask me, why I wanna pay for all these, while I edy prepare to give each of them Ang Pao after the wedding. Some aunties oso told me don't have to spend so much on this. I just reply them with a smile, and appreciate their concern. 

Deep in my heart, I know, the answer is just so simple - because I'm the one who wanted them to wear like this, they are all helping me to fulfil my dream wedding, why should I ask them pay when I'm the one that requested for all this ?! 

Yea, that's why I decided to pay for the dresses, and pay for the hotel rooms for my 'ji mui' as well. They all come all the way from outstation, some even purposely flew back from East Malaysia! Then the flower girls parents also dedicatedly sent their kids to church for rehearsal , so I really appreciate each and everyone of them. Moreover, the expenses on this is much much lesser than the cost of my jimmy choo shoe or my Laruna rented wedding gown !

All glory to God. Cause he is Jehovah Jiara, God is our Provider. I ain't anything, but through Him, I'm blessed.

Till then.

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