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My Wedding Dairy - Gown #1 - gatecrash

Now that I'm married... Time to update the blog.. Would love to share this memorable experience here. Even if no one reads, it will still b my a sweet memory record for myself...

Hhm I dono start with what , cause the whole wedding involve sooo many things!  Let's talk about wedding gown first , cause that's the most last minute thing I found. I even fight so hard to get leave from my boss to go KL chose gown.....

I admit , I do have difficulty in chosing the perfect gown from the bridal house I signed up the pre wedding photo package . So I ended up rent gowns from other bridal house or gown renter shop ....

First gown, I put on it during gatecrash session in hotel and also tea ceremony in Nick's house. The gown from stareast bridal house, which included in my pre wedding Photo package, it's from EEST collection, therefore look nicer. I search the gown from all 4 branches of Stareast, this was from gurney branch.

Full lace - neck covered - minimal fish tail style - short tail ... Just nice for me!

Wedding gown #1

I took 3 gowns from Stareast and this the only gown I put on. That's why when I go return gown the person in charge told me ' Wah ur gown keep till damn clean yea !!! ' =_=lll

That's all for now..
Will post about my second , third , forth wedding gown soon.

Till then.

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