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To blog using own computer

Finally , i can open up my blogger using my own laptop. It had been a while, i had been trying to update my blog using my phone. And so not convenient.

 Now, since i was not allowed to stay outside the office but need to concentrate and change my office table to the one nearer to window..... I finally can use my own laptop with the connection which suitable for me... Yeah

 First show one heel...  from Aldo, the shop is having RAYA clearance now with lots of discount, but most of the usual sizes are already out of stock.
 Next one photo during shopping in Bangsar..
Nick keep saying i look like one Thailand girl who always post photos on instagram. And he actually as me why i no post alot photo on insta... T_T

This photo from Artisan Roasted Coffee shop..

See my LOEWE amazona panda edition bag!!!! Waited for so long, deal so many time with the custom people to get this bag... Finally.

Lastly, wanted to upload Nick cute picture when he is young and the current photo... haha....

Since he told me my blog no one read so i can upload whatever i want here. lol Till then.

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