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From Penang to Perak

So the 6 days tour / trip / balik kampung endssss... started work edy.

Let's talk about Penang.... it's about 4 hours drive from KL.

Oh ya from KL to Penang, there are total 2 AES Camera at PLUS highway,
- about 376 km , ie before SLIM RIVER exit
- about 204 km , ie after TAIPING UTARA / KAMUNTING exit

The clue is, if you pass by few signbox with warning sign for AES camera, and that signbox is TOTALLY YELLOW in colour (i forgot to take pic of that, sigh), then that's a sign you are approaching an AES camera. This is because, in between the slim river exit and Kamunting exit, you will pass by few warning signbox with AES camera warning, but those are signbox with green colour border then yellow box with that camera sign in the middle....that's NOT an indicator for AES camera, the real ACTUAL warning signbox for AES camera is TOTALLY YELLOW in colour one....

Hhhmmm i dono how true is this, i got no Evidence-based reference to show you, but i am telling my experience ...in July 2014 when i pass through PLUS highway. Hehe I am not the driver that's why can notice all these lo. haha.

Ok enough crapping , photos.....

of Penang Bridge....

We went to Gurney Parogon mall after dinner at Gurney Drive.. Penang has nice food. It's true...
Hehe, purposely wait till 830pm for it!

Oh, we stay Northam all suite Hotel, cause got cheap deal from Agoda.com.
Main reason is this actually,

And nice view from the hotel room!!
Can you see how Nick enjoying that!! Finally he got to play Ipad while doing Jakuzi....

Went to Strait Quay on the second night..
Dinner is Blue Reef restaurant, the fillet is nice!!!!!!!

Went for Dim Sum at dim sum's House next morning. Cause we got order from my mum to stay back in Penang one more day, to fetch someone back to Sitiawan on Sunday morning.....

and China House
Address: CHINA HOUSE, 153 ; 155 Beach Street ; 183B Victoria Street, 10300 George Town, Penang

This is the famous wall paper street in Penang, near Clan jetties...
Lets have some History class here.............

There are total of eight clan jetties along Weld Quay aka 姓氏桥 namely:

  • Chew Jetty,
  • Koay Jetty,
  • Lee Jetty,
  • Lim Jetty,
  • Peng Aun Jetty,
  • Tan Jetty,
  • Yeoh Jetty,
  • Mixed Clans Jetty.

  • Clan Jetties have been existing since 19th century, these are the settlements of the descendants of Chinese immigrants, with their home built on stilts along the wooden pier that extend to the sea.

    The most famous clan jetty is Chew Clan Jetty. It is one of the longest and best-preserved clan jetties located along Weld Quay. The entrance is exactly in-between Chew Jetty Cafe and Chew Boon Sai Coffee Shop at the juncture of Armenian Street Ghaut and Weld Quay.
    Other clan jetties are accessible from the main road of Weld Quay not too far from each other.
    Visiting hours: Open daily
    Address: Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Pulau Pinang, ie about 200 meters walk from Penang Ferry Terminal or Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda.
    (if want to search in Waze, just type either Clan jetties of Penang / Pengkalan Weld Penang / Chew Jetty / 姓氏桥 if you still refuse to type English)

    We went to Toy's cafe too...
    That THOR hammer is for DISPLAY only, don't try to take it down.... I had a damn embarrassing moment with the waiter when i took down the hammer, put it back, then attempted to took down another item from the wall... He told me " er, miss, these item are for display only". Nick already wanted to faint...

    Next, few picture on the Zan Mei Cao dinner we attended..and the Pangkor Island one day trip photo...

    Last TWO photos...
    Taken when i try my wedding gown in Stareast bridal house.... Ok Im gonna blog about how bad reputation is that shop. Nick is damn piss at the shop and we ended up meeting up with the GM to solve the problem. Sigh....

    And my YSL sling bag!!! Nice? Nice?
    Ok this one i cannot 100% sure it is real product, cause it's damn cheap, i bought online using USD but it's ship from China. Quality wise damn good la, the seller told me it's original product from the factory but due to failed quality check, so the price cheaper. I don't mind actually, because for me, as long as the bag is functional, and the workmanship of the bag looks good, plus it has strong leather smell...i will use it happily...
    Who cares if im carrying a RM3000-4000 plus YSL sling bag anyway... haha.

    Oh ya, by the way, even if i want to buy the bag from Malaysia, i won't go to the Saint Laurent Pavilion KL branch....
    Because the "shop keeper" (ya, i purposely one, it's his Job-title what) in Saint Laurent Pavilion KL is DAMN arrogant, i really hate those "shop keeper" who look down on customer and refuse to give further explanation when asked. He straight away tell me the price of the Bag before i even TOUCH the bag. He is like, "miss, this bag cost RM xxxx .", before i took down the bag from the rack.... When i turn back to him, i realize he is giving me this damn expression like "xiao mei mei, i don't think you can afford this bag lo"....
    Ok, i don't really care, cause i know if i really want to buy branded bag i wont chose Saint Laurent also, but Nick is quite offended and he keep signalling to me to ask me leave that shop ASAP...
    Yeah, luckily I am not in bad mood that day, so didn't take down that shop keeper's name and send a complain email to Saint Laurent HQ.... Haha.

    Alright, enough for this lengthy post.
    Till then.

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    To blog using own computer

    Finally , i can open up my blogger using my own laptop. It had been a while, i had been trying to update my blog using my phone. And so not convenient.

     Now, since i was not allowed to stay outside the office but need to concentrate and change my office table to the one nearer to window..... I finally can use my own laptop with the connection which suitable for me... Yeah

     First show one heel...  from Aldo, the shop is having RAYA clearance now with lots of discount, but most of the usual sizes are already out of stock.
     Next one photo during shopping in Bangsar..
    Nick keep saying i look like one Thailand girl who always post photos on instagram. And he actually as me why i no post alot photo on insta... T_T

    This photo from Artisan Roasted Coffee shop..

    See my LOEWE amazona panda edition bag!!!! Waited for so long, deal so many time with the custom people to get this bag... Finally.

    Lastly, wanted to upload Nick cute picture when he is young and the current photo... haha....

    Since he told me my blog no one read so i can upload whatever i want here. lol Till then.

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    After few hectic (exaggerated description) weeks, finally , there's one public holiday for us to chill.

    Miss taking n edit those photos...

    I'm word poor now. Show pic here la, that's restaurant in Taman Tun called Artisan Roasted Coffee Restaurant.

    And if anyone know where else to get shoe that can made a guy taller, other than giraffe shoe .... Pls let me know. 

    Till then .

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