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Again. In order to have my own time, to do things that give me satisfaction , I need to b until an extreme stage....

Today, I clean my room, I clean the fan ( which had not been touched for more than one year ) , I discard the old clothes rack , which had been spoilt few month ago but cause I don't have time so I just ignore that. 

Yeah , honestly I have time, I'm off every weekend since one month plus ago, until I myself cannot stand it n go n request working over weekend, but obviously my request never being approved cause the leaders told me to go enjoy weekend . Sigh ..... But none of my weekend being properly used. I have time, but I don't have the freedom to do things I want. Basically, I wasted so many of my weekend off last month. N I cannot complain .

Anyway. I felt much better now. At least , I got myself one weekend for myself , although I'm really really sick with bad sore throat n flu, but still I'm really glad i can have my own time. 

Till then . 

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