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Efficient HO

Last day of posting tomorrow .... Entering the posting with critical care . Finally done with this women department , where medical legal is damn important , consultant fierce but u love them.

Was busy running around for this operation list thing past one month. Getting scolded n hearing praises at the same time. The most rewarding part is ur specialist don't even assess u n straight away sign ur assessment paper, the consultant told the specialist to just give whatever marksI want for my assessment, the consultant telling another consultant I'm the super efficient houseman n another consultant agreed to that statement . They told me to find someone as good as me to replace me once I finish posting . N the consultant keep emphasize to her nurse that I'm damn hardworking n she likes me !

Wao, that's great , I sound so arrogant now, lol. 

Anyway, I'm just abit hyper n wanted to share it here. Since I can't be bragging to other ppl about this , they will think I'm crazy, self praise is not a good thing to do. Haha

Lastly, I miss my family. Had been working non stop. Luckily my parents came Seremban few weeks ago n I manage to meet them . Miss my mummy ...

I'm getting fatter. T_T

Till then .

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