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Off day

It suppose to b my off day, yeah I got it. So the its my own day, a day when I no need to listen to ppl's instruction, no need to answer to all nonsense Que, no need to help ppl solve all ridiculous request.

But I don't understand, always, during my off day, I will b bound to answer those Que that I hate the most. I just want to b myself, alone n relax. Not keep being asked " what r u doing now? " " why u didn't go n find ur friend? " " u should go n do this this this ...." " where r u now? " " what's ur plan for today ? " ......etc annoying Que . Sigh, sometime want to breath oso cannot, want to stay alone oso need to gone through so many obstacles. Worst, if I don't answer, I'll get scolding, as if is my fault because I don't answer, as if i'm wrong for wanted to rest, as if I m some idiot that cannot survive alone...... It hurt, badly, really. For losing all my rights n my freedom.

Sigh , so I sort to not answering calls, refuse to reply msg, refuse to tell the truth, cont being isolated, feeling down throughout the day, n no more mood in doing other things. The initial plans oso don't feel like carry on anymore, because it's just too annoying to answer to those Que. No wonder I'm so stress up all the time.

Ok I'm done here. Just renting , no special intention, I'm just very stress. Till then.

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