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Its all about work, again. Guess I'm just trapped in this cycle....work am, work pm, sleep, wake up, go back work pm, sleep, wake up no energy, sleep again, then force to wake up, rush, put on "nice" clothes, pretend to b very energize n happy, then back, sleep.........¤.......

Yeah , was in SASA, then ppl start calling me, how this how that, ask me settle this settle that. When finally I thought it's over, I receive msg ask me to change, so end up I rush back, despite being scolded, n rush to work ..... Damn tire but no choice, to replace for something that I never done wrong. The only timetable that I had never arrange turns up to b a problematic one, n I end up getting its consequence.

Well I need to grown up then. Till then .

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