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Towards Light, hopefully

Finally , its end of April.

Well, I don't mean to abandon this blog for so long, but I really not in the mood to write, esp everyday deal with the major stress, worry about getting into trouble, being treated as useless plus stupid by-stander.....
Although, in the mean time , I learn how to b fierce, learn to protect myself, stay distance from trouble makers , learn to just concentrate on my own issues....

[Good Attitude, Good Knowledge]....this super encouraging comment from my last assessor, make me feel all my hard work did worth some thing. At least this comment came from the consultant who extend the most number of HO in the posting , n the assessment questions are all not easy. I'm so glad I don't have much problem in answering all questions, also glad that the supervisor sign my logbook n leave form without hesitation.

My last day in ward, during the weekend, was indeed very dramatic, I'm glad the MO oncall save me n spared me from trouble, also he sent me an encouraging msg after the incidence cause i kept apologize and felt super guilty on the mistake i made. I'm so touch. T_T
Been posted to an isolated unit call Burns unit this week, learn lots on ICU care , n see new things that plastic surgeon do, an eye opener indeed.

Hope my next posting will b well. Finally can Passover all the burden n don't need to develop palpitation each time unknown number call me. Phew.

Till then . The final list to type. Wish me luck .

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