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Some time, it's not easy to make friends, esp for a workaholic like me, who should b grateful at least I still got bf concern about me since I'm staying away from family and staying alone in kl....

But I'm really happy for the friends i had throughout my posting in HKL. Despite our super hectic schedule , we still organize dinner plan together, cause we r too stress n need time to gossip and complain to each other....LOL.

Today, we decided to "mia" to celebrate koon ling's bday , with one super small muffin cake, n one cacat stick on it  ( thanks to sock wen's 'smart' suggestion =_=lll )....

Just want to share the pic here...:)

The "CAKE"and the Birthday Girl that aged one year already...... Hugggssss
Picture during MIA.....haha, with my GFF in HKL, ie my girl-friends who my bf complain daily cause he say these girls had take away my precious time that suppose to spend with him........hahahahaha.....

Till then. Tomorrow last day in the super stressful posting, Thanks God!

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