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Proper care

The joy of being a doctor is, being appreciate by ur patients.

Was in the so call busiest ward in the busiest hospital, (konon-Nya only la), manage to get the HO room a free table fan, thanks to the UGIB uncle that I had been taking care of, get the nickname of methadone queen, being so well known among the IVDU patients, even the nurse oso make the remark that "most IVDU in the ward knows dr Qian"....

really dono why, I had been so fated with these RVD+ve patient, my friend in the same ward, from the day enter till the day left, never encounter RVD+ve patient; me, from tagging till now still not yet leave the ward, edy encounter more than 10 RVD+ve patients. I still remember I nearly cry on the first time I get these patients n wear double o triple gloves to take bloods n insert branula for them... 

Went to stable ward yest , one IVDU patient need a new IV line, so all the other IVDU patients come crowd around me find that patient's vein for me to set line. Such a special experience. Anyway sometime I felt bad for those that addicted to drugs, as i witness the withdrawal episodes, the patient drag himself walking plus crawling with the whole body shivering towards me bagging for methadone, n I need to keep calling the Psy MO come prescribe methadone to them...

Another thing in medical ward is the ABG, I really bad in radial ABG at first n kept taking brachial ABG initially, but since being "lectured" by my MO, I guai guai take radial ABG everytime, now patient request me to take their ABG. Sigh, workload is ok ok since everywhere is floated with HOs, my only regret is I have problem communicating with the specialist , whom I dono why all girls like him. Haiz.

So now my bf is sick with indication that I think if he come ED HKL he sure be advised to admit ward, but I can't be with him cause I'm busy completing my calls. T_T One month past, three months ahead, all the best to me.

Till then.

Ps: I super miss home, been not back hometown for 5 months now, @_@

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