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While all these happen, I'm so glad that many had stood up and support Pastor Kong. I believe in God, I believe in His righteousness. Even Jesus had undergone persecution two thousands years ago.

Would like to share these articles here...

TOC Breaking: City Harvest Executive Member alleges COC Defamation

City Harvest Church Responds to Allegations (28 June 2012)

Pastor Kong, we support you!

Btw, while browsing through City Harvest Church web page, i found this:

CHC'S STATEMENT REGARDING NEWS ARTICLE ON REV. DR. YONGGI CHO We refer to the Straits Times article on 22 September 2011 relating to Rev. Dr. Yonggi Cho and the alleged misappropriation of church funds. From the report, Dr. Cho has categorically denied the allegations and attributed them to "a smear campaign by a very small group of people in [the] church". The report states that a group of 29 elders in his church is accusing Dr. Cho of the alleged wrongdoing. Yoido Full Gospel Church has more than 800 elders in total. .......
So not only Pastor Kong, Rev Dr Yonggi Cho, the pastor of the world largest church face the allegations before.

Being a pastor of a Mega church is very challenging, but I believe God had chose them and He will show His grace over them. This is our God. I put my 100% faith in Him.

As a Christian, and a follower of Christ Jesus, I strongly believe in offering. And after i give, i have full trust in the person that manage the church fund. Cause no matter how it is, is just between God and the church leader, I just need to do my part, which is give offering with a willing heart, and believe that God will bless me abundantly. - Malachai 3:10-12 -

It doesn't matter where the church fund goes, as we have a God who is watching over us 24-hour-ly non stop, you know you can't hide from God. - Psalm 139:7 -

It just happen that i'm a daughter of a pastor (ppl named us PK - Pastor Kid), so i know even in a local church which is not so big, we had many Elders and church leaders to audit our church fund, and I know it's so tiring and troublesome to do the church account every month. Trust me, my dad, as an Elder in church, will spent the whole Sunday afternoon sitting at the table just to audit and come out with the breakdown of the church account spending. Then, either me or my sister will typed out the account. And I know most of the time, the church leaders did not claim back the money when they buy something for church, cause we are educated in the way that we believe giving to church is a blessing!

So I don't believe the accusation pointed to Pastor Kong and his fellow church leaders. What can they do with the 23 million sing dollar? Why should they misuse the church funds when God had blessed them abundantly too.

I'm not a law nor mass communication student, i know nothing about these two fields, but i know anything can be twisted and turned easily in these fields. Anyway, i believe fact will remain fact, integrity person will remain integrity no matter what happen. Whatever will happen in near future, God still reigns, and His Kingdom shall come, His Will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. - Matthew 6:10 -


Till then.

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