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A new look

Change a blog template, an easier one, no need anything everything need to go to the html code there edit here edit there. LOL.

Also cause i think this blog had been abandon for quite long edy and it's time to revive it. (ok i dono will i really revive it, but ya, we must be postitive...). Maybe this blog can use to record down what i had been doing for the past few years and things that had happen in my life.

The world is changing very very fast. My first blog is when i'm still using friendster, that time very popular to write blog using friendster. Then, facebook come, everyone is crazy about facebook and friendster had been left out. At the same time, blogging is very popular among college students and young working adult, and then nuffnang, googleAd etc etc appear, make blogging more popularize. Imagine all this happen in just 5-6 years, so what's going to happen in the next 5 years? Only God knows.

 Spending more time in my hometown makes me feel future is so far away from me. While most of the youngster had gone out to city to make a living, the elder parents are left here waiting faithfully for their children to come back says once in every two months? And life is simple here, not that hassle, things here much cheaper, people here much nicer, everyone knows everyone, most of the ppl here don't really care about branded stuff. I had few rich relatives, all told me, why use few thousands plus money go n buy a branded bag when u can spend the money on traveling, pay for children school fees, buy car, buy house, expand business, etc.... Yupe i agreed. Try to think of it, instead of buying a burberry bag, i think i can go for a trip in Taiwan and shop alot there for few days dy. Small town girl mindset. Yupe, but i think is quite true. haha.

Anyway, quite happy for a change finally. Hopefully my weight will change oso, drop more so i'll be more comfortable.

Till then.

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