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Actually, if you fly from Penang to Medan, it only took about 30-45 minutes. It's like u board the plane, sit there, waiting for the plane to take off, then when the plane finally on the air, the air stewards show all those emergency precaution etc etc, then sit for a while, then the airplane captain will start announcing about the landing of the plane.

So in total, one hour oso not reach u edy need to get out from the plane....The first thing i was thinking when the plane was landing was "har? i haven't got enough sleep....". Oh well, fast is good, time saved! The weather in Medan is hot, really hot.

The view from plane, on Medan.

Yupe, Bingo, it's Airasia..

Went there with my mum, cause she's going there visit some church friends and bring something for them. is related to Zan Mei Cao (赞美操) one. Stay in a doctor's house there, he owns Medan Specialist Centre which is one medical centre that os affiliated with Sime Darby Medical Centre in subang jaya. He bring patients here for either surgery or consultation every now and then. The Medical centre is really big, and his house is above the medical centre.

My mum taught the church members there zan mei cao, the leader for zan mei cao in that church is the doctor's wife. Photos of the church:
It's a big and nice church! I forgot the church name anyway...

Oh ya, on the first day we arrive there, the doctor's daughter-in-law recommended us to this spa for massage...

I swear, the full body massage in Medan is AWESOME and it's CHEAP!!! Really really, much much much better than the China one, and much cheaper, 100,000 rupiah for 2 hours, so is RM35++, i think i can only get foot massage for this price here in Malaysia....

Oh the grand-son of the doctor is very very cute!!
Playing with this kids most of the time cause i oso bored he oso bored...

And of course, the FOOD there....

Ya, there is part of the reason why i become soooooooooo FAT. T_T T_T T_T

Lastly, view from the plane again,

Our very own Penang Bridge!! Looking at it from the plane felt like this bridge is very awesome!

Till then.

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