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Lotus eater

Ok, i admit i live like the lotus eater nowadays. ok, not as so not productive, at least i did learn alot of things, think alot and get to know Christ more.

I really encourage everyone, especially Christian, read the Songs of Solomenn, it's a very very good bible book that talks about our purpose in life and how to live a fruitful Christian life. Live your life well as we know we are just passenger of this world, one day, we'll go back to our Lord Father, or one day, our dear Lord Jesus will come to the world and bring us back there.

Oh and one more thing i gain LOTS of weight, that for the first time in this 1 year, when i go out with friends, they finally didnt critic on my weight, and also didn't ask me to eat more anymore, cause i'm too fat to eat more........T_T.........T_T......T_T

Well, other than eating eating sleeping gaining weight in my hometown....

I learn to appreciate beautiful things in life. Life is short, right? The nice rainbow captured in my hometown, really nice. Somemore that day i went out with my mum to help a patient who had been on palliative care treatment until late night.

God is good. He is so good.

No need further explanation, everyone come Sitiawan will know that other than Red Wine Mee Sua, the must-eat food is this "biscuit/cake" call Kong Pia, speciality of Fu Chou people..

Also went to a 'holiday resort' at Trong, is a really country side place with nice view....
But mosquitoes repellent is a must for this type of trip. T_T

Since now i finally have time to watch some video, i watch 2 medical related video... First is the Japanese drama, named Code Blue

Is mainly about life in emergency department. Anyway, Japanese healthcare system is wayyyyyy too much advanced compared to Malaysia......This is my final conclusion from this drama. Doctors there open chest to do CPR one, we here press till patient's rib fracture to perform a "good" CPR. Emergency doctor there must learn to open chest, we here even general surgeon cannot simply open chest, it's cardiothoracic surgeon's job...

Another one is Hong Kong drama, named The Hippocratics Rush

Ok, this movie more suitable for us as it talks about Housmeman's life, also , about Neurosurgeon n Cardiothoracic surgeon, and some about Oncology n Orthopedic. I salute every neurosurgeon cause i know God arranged the neurosurgeon in KPJ Ipoh Dr Cheah to saves my father's life. They are really important...

I went Medan with my mum, and was glad that i'm a Malaysian. But the rich people there really rich. Ok i got no pictures from there cause go there mainly to relax.

Went KL meet my dear bf Nick every alternative weeks, we went IKEA (finally), had been talking about this few months after we got together...haha.
This one no need further explanation, the signature meatball in IKEA food court, a MUST eat item, nice, both of us enjoy it so much.....
Walked around at the furniture area, saw this two cute "babies". According to Nick, this item is a hot selling item as his colleagues bought this and enjoy playing with "them". LOL

And finally i try the Moo Cow frozen yogurt..
Abit pricy, but it's really nice. I would prefer this over Gelato, if the price is cheaper.......

Since it's Easter day last weekend, and cause i'm in KL, and Hui Ing invited us to join the Easter production in CHC Sunway, so Nick and I went for the Easter production, named Chromeheart there. I don't have the pic of the production, cause we're late and we are not allow to enter and we watch the TV outside the church. T_T
This is a pic took outside the church, the food stall at the church compound! The church is huge and nice!

Played Draw Something, my friend the draw the prettiest picture is Chloe, she's really a good artist and she can really draw!! See this:
There's once she drew me Hercules, and it really look like it, she is so talented!!!!

Few recent photos, the breakfast we had at the restaurant in front of Nick's office.

This picture, i just want to show that i become fatter. =_=lll

Lastly, i got a specs, i wanted to sell it, the story is like this, read here, the brand is Emporio Armani EA 9731 PDE, it had been in Nick's room for about half a year, cause he don't really need it.
Anyone interested or u got any friends wanted to buy a branded specs recently, pls let me know, i dying-ly wanted to sell this off to have more cash flow. LOL

Till then.

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