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So to everyone, i'm going to work in the biggest hospital in South East Asia (according to the psychologist there....) starting on next monday. Hospital Kuala Lumpur..

My dear bf Nick told me i can go act in the show Oncall36 edy, cause it's 6 of us from the same batch reporting to that hospital on monday.

Ask me am i happy with this choice, i'm quite happy. Initially wanted Hospital Seremban badly, but after think carefully, and after saw the letter with Hospital KL printed boldly there, i had accepted the fact. Appealing just for the sake of confirmation, and yupe, God wants me to go HKL, so i better pack and go and start a lifeless life there.

I hope i got chance to blog more in near future, probably i won't be scolded so badly and be labelled as strawberry generation spoilt brat again......

Till then.

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