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Smartest and Simplest Weight-Loss Tips Ever

1st Take 10,000 steps a day.
2nd Eat breakfast without fail.
3rd Never skip meals. 
4th Savour each bite/don’t eat while doing something else.
5th Stop eating before you are full.  
6th Eat slowly/put your fork down between bites.
7th Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation.
8th Avoid shopping on an empty stomach.
9th Target easy wins – eg, have a diet soft drink  instead of a regular one. 
10th Keep to a shopping list.
11th Have five small healthy meals a day instead of three large ones. 
12th Keep a sense of humour.
13th Always leave something on your plate.
14th Eat with cutlery, not your fingers.
15th Get most of your calories before noon.

Tricks and Shortcuts
Downsize your portions! Experts voted this as their top choice. (“Not a trick, a necessity!” cried dietitian Catherine Saxelby.) Strategies that impressed the fewest? Putting your food on a blue plate, for example, was ranked bottom of the pile – it was simply too unrealistic.
1st Downsize your portions.
2nd If you drink, have at least three consecutive alcohol-free days a week.
2nd (tie) Fool your eyes: use a salad plate for meals instead of a dinner plate; a tall glass rather than a squat one.
4th Avoid highly refined “white” foods,  such as white bread. 
5th See what you’re eating: eat from a bowl or plate instead of eating out of a bag or jar.
6th Eat before you go to a party to avoidbeing tempted by indulgence foods. 
7th Surround yourself with blue: it’s an appetite suppressant.

Biggest Myths
We limited our list to nine; it could have been 99 or 999: everyone craves a shortcut to success. But if you’re following these top rankers, here’s the deal: these misconceptions may ruin your diet.
1st Drinking hot water will “increase your metabolism.”
1st (tie) Some foods have “negative calories.”
3rd Fasting is a quick and effective way to lose weight.
4th  Doing sit-ups will flatten your belly.
5th Cut out carbs after 5pm.
6th Exercising on an empty stomach will help burn more fat in less time.
7th Diet alone will lead to sustained weight loss.
8th Eating less shrinks your stomach over time.
9th There’s a “fat-burning zone” you can reach with low-intensity exercise.

Cooking: How to Lose Weight in the Kitchen
We listed seven kitchen tips under this heading. The frying pan got the big heave-ho by a resounding margin.
Artificial sweeteners rated a dismal seventh out of seven as a weight-loss ally.
1st Grill, steam, bake or microwave your food instead of frying.
2nd Follow the “1⁄2 veggies, 1⁄4 protein, 1⁄4 carbs on your plate” rule. 
3rd Eat whole fruits rather than drink fruit juices. 
4th Use herbs and spices to flavour meals instead of fatty sauces.
5th Replace full-fat ingredients with low-fat ones whenever possible.  
6th Cook in liquids instead of oil.
7th Switch to artificial sweeteners  instead of refined sugar.

Dining Out
Our experts were as one in telling us to take a large step back from the all-you-can-eat buffet. Is it the open invitation, or feast-or-famine hard-wiring in our DNA? Truth be known, few of us will walk away from a smorgasbord with a well-thought-out selection. In fact, research shows the more varied choices there are in front of us at any meal, the more calories we will consume. Which leads neatly to the second and third strategies here.
1st Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets.
2nd Order entrée-sized meals for yourself  or share a main.
3rd Remember: you don’t need to clear your plate. 
4th Avoid garlic bread and herb breads.
5th Order dressings or sauces on the side.
6th Choose tomato-based sauces on pasta.
7th Choose sorbets or fruit salads for dessert.
8th Fill up on water.

What’s On Your Plate?
With so much choice, how do we decide on good rules to eat and drink by? Actually, it’s clear: simpler is always a healthy option.
1st Unprocessed foods – those closest to their natural state.
2nd ”Naked” foods: fresh fruit and vegetables not covered in fat, salt or sugar.
3rd Protein from lean animal, fish and/or plant sources at every meal (eg, skinless chicken, salmon or beans).
4th High-fibre foods such as wholegrain breads and sweet potato.
5th Plain water (up to eight glasses a day).
6th Low-GI foods such as oats, legumes and —sweet potato.
7th  Foods low in saturated and trans fats  such as rice, nuts and pasta.
8th  Low-fat dairy foods such as skim milk and low-fat yoghurt.
9th Zero-calorie teas.
10th Spicy foods that may speed up your  metabolism, such as chilli.

Top Craving-Busters
Whoever said that losing weight was going to be easy? When the urge to eat hits, you need a well-rehearsed strategy in place. So should you substitute the craving with a lesser evil? Well, no. Drink a glass of water. Distract or divert yourself instead.
1st Distract yourself with activity.
2nd Keep pre-prepared raw vegetable nibbles in your fridge. 
3rd Grab a water bottle.
4th Give yourself ten minutes. Still craving? Just have a little bit of the treat.
5th Eat half a handful of unsalted nuts.
6th Kill it with caffeine – sip a black coffee or a skim latte, or have a cup of tea.
7th Brush your teeth.
8th Chew sugar-free gum.
9th Substitute with a lesser evil. For example, opt for a few potato wedges instead of fries.

What Not To Do
All these were voted no-nos. Here are the ten commandments to banish from your weight-loss rule book.
1st Take laxatives.
2nd Say you’ll “start tomorrow.”
3rd  Eat unlimited amounts of “lite” foods.
4th Skip meals.
5th Eat because you”re tired or stressed rather than hungry.
6th Attempt to cut out fat completely from your food consumption.
7th Think your life will change dramatically once you’re slimmer.
8th Raid the fridge during the night.
9th Weigh yourself daily.
10th Deny yourself treat foods.

Motivate Me
Keeping your resolve is often the hardest part of any weight-loss regime. So anything that helps you stay focused has to be good; but don’t – repeat don’t -do things to beat yourself up, urge the pros. (See what they rank as seventh and eighth.)
1st Tape a list of goals to your fridge.
2nd Keep a food and exercise diary.
3rd Reward yourself with regular non-edible treats, such as movie tickets.
4th Meet up with others trying to lose weight – don’t do it alone. 
5th Have a major reward, such as an overseas trip, as your ultimate goal. 
6th Pay your gym fees fortnightly.
7th Strip off in front of a full-length mirror every night.
8th Buy clothes that are the size you want to be.

How to Fit in More Exercise
Move it – now, always and everywhere where you can put one foot in front of the other. And that basic advice comes way ahead of any complicated fitness plan or expensive personal trainer. (Sorry if that robs you of your last excuse!)
1st Walk – it’s cheap, convenient and a great way to burn fat. 
2nd Be more active in your daily life – take the stairs, park a block away, etc.
3rd Mix up your exercise to prevent boredom.
3rd (tie) Find an exercise friend to keep you company, or a dog or an iPod.
5th Include muscle-strengthening exercises such as push-ups and tricep dips.
6th Have a solid goal in mind, such as running in a ten-kilometre fun run, and then stick to a training plan.
7th Take up dancing or a team sport.
8th Do a few exercises during the ad breaks of your favourite TV show.
9th Get a personal trainer so you use your exercise time effectively.
Best-ever Gadgets
You can easily spend big on weight-loss gadgets, but the basics to encourage healthy habits get the vote by a long, long stride.
1st Walking shoes.
2nd Pedometer.
3rd Treadmill.
4th Calorie-counting books.
5th Bathroom scales.
6th Tape measure.
7th Kitchen scales.
8th Pre-prepared frozen meals.
8th (tie) Meal-replacement systems, such as milkshakes.
10th Herbal teas.
11th Personal exercise and toning devices, such as the AB King Pro, the Leg Magic and the Easy Shaper.
12th Weight-loss pills, patches and nasal sprays.
13th Electric muscle-stimulator devices.

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