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Nutox & Nano White Cleanser

I'm sure for those who are born in 1980++ had heard about this brand call Follow Me.
Familiar right? When we're still in primary school, or even younger, Follow Me shampoo is so popular. That time in those 'Emporium', everytime got big event or 'concert', most of it is sponsered by Follow Me....Cause i remember getting lots of free sample from Follow Me when i went to those big events organized in the Emporium...

SO now, this Follow Me company had really expand their business, the two cleansers that i'm going to talk about now is the product by the company with Follow Me brand. Ok, now only i know their company name is Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. Read from their company website, it stated that this company established in 1964, and now it has progressed from a homegrown name into a multinational brand. It is so true.

I came to know more about this product when i'm in a shopping complex and Nutox brand got this exhibition fair there which provides free skin scanning service. Ok, i know once i sit down to got my skin scan, no matter how good is my skin, the machine will detect some problem which this brand will definitely have a product that suites me. This is sales right? Anyway, i still went over to had this skin scan and listen to the sales talk by the sales girl. I walk out from the exhibition fair empty handed of course, because i just swap my debit card for that super expensive shu uemura products few weeks before that....T_T

But i'm really impressed by this brand, because this brand contain bird's nest and they swear their products are "parabens free".

To make their product more valuable, they are advertised as "The original pioneer of the No.1 Bird's Nest Skincare", together with oxyfusion (oxygen therapy), which is a process that oxygenates active bird's nest ingredients directly on the skin, this skincare products are rated as the "most effective bird's nest skincare".

Sound very very great and promising right?!!

Yeah, indeed, it really does delivered what it promise!!! I'm so super surprise by the result of this Nutox Oxyfusion product.

Nutox Oxyfusion Wrinkle Away Cleanser 100ml RM 16.90

It is cheap, i got this from Watson. The smell is nice, not very foamy but enough to clean the face thoroughly, easily apply. After using, the skin felt refresh and moisturize!! I'm serious, this cleanser really good!!! I just finish two bottles and now i'm considering buying the third one...

A small tips for everyone - Please buy this cleanser from Watson or Guardian, or Tesco as the price at other shopping market is RM3-4 ringgit more expensive...It is priced as RM19.90 in one super market i visited recently..

Another product from Tohtonku that i had tried is this

Nano White Microfoliating Clay Cleanser 100ml RM 17.90

Honestly, i don't know much about this brand, but i had try a few free samples of the Day and Night whitening cream of this brand before. Had good impression on the cream as it really make my skin looks brighter. So i try their cleanser as well.

Well, this cleanser is not as good as the Nutox one. It's a microfoliating clay cleanser, so it's something like a scrub. It's stated on the cleanser that fine clay is widely used in Japan to replace scrub. The natural sea clay used in this cleanser helps to draw out impurities trapped within the pores. It smoothens uneven patches without stripping its natural protective film.

Nanotechnology - help in transporting Nanowhite active ingredients more effectively deeper into the root of the epidermis.
Endorphne Aromachology - the well-being molecules and induces a sense of happiness and good mood. -relaxes and opens up the pores for better absorption of the Omega White-C, giving the skin an instant five times fairer and radiance from within.
Omega White-C - helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones and brown spots. -helps to reduce the signs of ageing.
Nanowhitetm skincare technology enhances absorption through this approach: • Aromatic scent opens up pores • Smaller nano molecules penetrate pores much faster
I don't see any difference in my face after using this cleanser. It's like any other normal cleanser. Anyway, this brand star product is the Day and Night whitening cream, so i don't blame the normal quality of their cleanser. For those who really looking for whitening products that is cheap and effective, can consider their whitening cream! 

Product Website:http://tohtonku.com.my/index.html

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