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Oh well, it had been few weeks, but i just wanted to post this up here in my own blog. Pictures taken on our last day in our dear seremban clinical school.....who knows some of us might go back there again when the big letter came.....

First the group photos...

The photos of prediction....the big 4 guys in our batch which consists of one super dean list...
Yea, really nice to have such batchmates which make our batch more  happening. Haha, true enough, all of us who are together since sem 6 went through this 2 n half clinical year together....None left behind. =)

More photos.....
Pretty girls handsome guys.......

The sweet twins!!
Yeah, nadia is pretty. and the dean list jerming photo boom.

With my dear ex-housemates..

The oath taking ceremony. Yeah, we all got to take this oath before entering this profession.

Some of us might forget we took this oaths once start practising, but no matter how, i really hope all of us be good doctors in future.

More group photos......

Everyone is happy, yeah, this is just the beginning of the journey. I really treasure my IMU friends alot. I change alot since entering this uni, so do many of our batchmates. Hope the spirit of C209 will remain, and to all our future patient, this batch of young doctors are really a good one.

Till then.

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