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Bio essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser

Bio essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser 100ml RM 21.80

I got this from Watson as well when i'm looking for a cheap cleanser. And this sales person come to me and told me they got promotion on Bio-essence product, and start telling me this product contain bird nest very good got moisturizing effect also can whiten the skin blah blah blah. Since my purpose is just to get a cheap cleanser and come out, i bought this cleanser with the price RM21.80. Honestly, i have high expectation on this cleanser cause this brand spent so much on advertisement and it contain bird's nest. But it turns out that it is not as good as expected. I'm quite disappointed with this cleanser. First when i used it, i thought it will moisturize my skin, but it doesn't. Also during application, the texture is not smooth so my skin felt tight during application. After using, my skin still felt dry, and i don't see any whitening effect even after using for a month. Disappointing. Anyway, maybe cause my skin not used to this product. I believe is not the problem of the bird nest, cause i love using Nutox cleanser, it contain bird nest too, and it is one of my favourite product now...
Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser is a gentle deep cleanser which effectively removes dirt and impurities on the skin’s surface without striping the skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Angelica extract, Ginseng extract and other natural herbal ingredients to smoothen and soften the skin; Bird’s Nest Essence to provide nourishment and Amino Acid Skin Whitening Complex for a fairer, brighter complexion.

Benefits: • Deeply cleanses and removes impurities trapped in pores • Skin feels refreshed without any feeling of tightness after use • Bird’s Nest Essence is rich in nutrients to keep the skin moist and soft
Directions: Squeeze a small amount onto your palm and lather with water. Massage onto face in a circular motion and rinse off with water.

Product Website: http://bioessence.com.sg/

Ever wonder what is bird's nest and why is bird nest so precious?? I got this from their website. Probably the effect is over exaggerated, but i think the basic benefits still there.

What Really Is Bird’s Nest?
Bird’s Nest comes from the Collocallia species of swiftlet birds which inhibit the mountains around South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia). Shaped like a bowl and about 3-5 inches in diameter, this intricate web of solidified saliva and other materials is formed by the male swiftlet during the breeding season in April.

In Chinese societies throughout the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is commonly used to treat diseases and enhance health. Being one of the TCMs, edible bird's nest is usually double boiled with rock sugar to make a delicacy known as "bird's nest soup"

The medicinal use of edible bird's nest dates back to 17th century. It is believed to help boost the immune and respiratory system for speedy recovery, preventing “internal dryness”, increasing metabolism rate and cell reproductive capacity for cell repair within our bodies and other health enhancing effects such as anti-ageing and growth promoting properties.

Bird's nest contains a high concentration of up to 85% water soluble glycoprotein, amino acids, and Epidermic Growth Factors that promote cell growth and tissue repair. Consequently, the process of ageing is retarded through the antioxidant content in the bird's nest. Besides, minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium also increase the body's resistance against disease.

What are Epidermic Growth Factors? Epidermic Growth Factors (EGFs) are proteins which exist naturally in the human body. EGFs stimulate cell division and regeneration to enhance the process of skin repair in order to maintain skin’s elasticity and vitality. From the age of 25, the EGFs in the body will begin to decrease naturally, causing the skin’s regenerative ability to slow down. Bird’s Nest is found to contain a high level of EGFs, hence, it is known as a highly effective anti-aging and nourishing ingredient to help improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and radiance.

 So that's why it's stated BIG BIG there BIRD's NEST cleanser. When people heard of bird's nest, everyone will want to try it. Somemore this cleanser is not that expensive, so is a good try!

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