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Oh well, it had been few weeks, but i just wanted to post this up here in my own blog. Pictures taken on our last day in our dear seremban clinical school.....who knows some of us might go back there again when the big letter came.....

First the group photos...

The photos of prediction....the big 4 guys in our batch which consists of one super dean list...
Yea, really nice to have such batchmates which make our batch more  happening. Haha, true enough, all of us who are together since sem 6 went through this 2 n half clinical year together....None left behind. =)

More photos.....
Pretty girls handsome guys.......

The sweet twins!!
Yeah, nadia is pretty. and the dean list jerming photo boom.

With my dear ex-housemates..

The oath taking ceremony. Yeah, we all got to take this oath before entering this profession.

Some of us might forget we took this oaths once start practising, but no matter how, i really hope all of us be good doctors in future.

More group photos......

Everyone is happy, yeah, this is just the beginning of the journey. I really treasure my IMU friends alot. I change alot since entering this uni, so do many of our batchmates. Hope the spirit of C209 will remain, and to all our future patient, this batch of young doctors are really a good one.

Till then.

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Smartest and Simplest Weight-Loss Tips Ever

1st Take 10,000 steps a day.
2nd Eat breakfast without fail.
3rd Never skip meals. 
4th Savour each bite/don’t eat while doing something else.
5th Stop eating before you are full.  
6th Eat slowly/put your fork down between bites.
7th Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation.
8th Avoid shopping on an empty stomach.
9th Target easy wins – eg, have a diet soft drink  instead of a regular one. 
10th Keep to a shopping list.
11th Have five small healthy meals a day instead of three large ones. 
12th Keep a sense of humour.
13th Always leave something on your plate.
14th Eat with cutlery, not your fingers.
15th Get most of your calories before noon.

Tricks and Shortcuts
Downsize your portions! Experts voted this as their top choice. (“Not a trick, a necessity!” cried dietitian Catherine Saxelby.) Strategies that impressed the fewest? Putting your food on a blue plate, for example, was ranked bottom of the pile – it was simply too unrealistic.
1st Downsize your portions.
2nd If you drink, have at least three consecutive alcohol-free days a week.
2nd (tie) Fool your eyes: use a salad plate for meals instead of a dinner plate; a tall glass rather than a squat one.
4th Avoid highly refined “white” foods,  such as white bread. 
5th See what you’re eating: eat from a bowl or plate instead of eating out of a bag or jar.
6th Eat before you go to a party to avoidbeing tempted by indulgence foods. 
7th Surround yourself with blue: it’s an appetite suppressant.

Biggest Myths
We limited our list to nine; it could have been 99 or 999: everyone craves a shortcut to success. But if you’re following these top rankers, here’s the deal: these misconceptions may ruin your diet.
1st Drinking hot water will “increase your metabolism.”
1st (tie) Some foods have “negative calories.”
3rd Fasting is a quick and effective way to lose weight.
4th  Doing sit-ups will flatten your belly.
5th Cut out carbs after 5pm.
6th Exercising on an empty stomach will help burn more fat in less time.
7th Diet alone will lead to sustained weight loss.
8th Eating less shrinks your stomach over time.
9th There’s a “fat-burning zone” you can reach with low-intensity exercise.

Cooking: How to Lose Weight in the Kitchen
We listed seven kitchen tips under this heading. The frying pan got the big heave-ho by a resounding margin.
Artificial sweeteners rated a dismal seventh out of seven as a weight-loss ally.
1st Grill, steam, bake or microwave your food instead of frying.
2nd Follow the “1⁄2 veggies, 1⁄4 protein, 1⁄4 carbs on your plate” rule. 
3rd Eat whole fruits rather than drink fruit juices. 
4th Use herbs and spices to flavour meals instead of fatty sauces.
5th Replace full-fat ingredients with low-fat ones whenever possible.  
6th Cook in liquids instead of oil.
7th Switch to artificial sweeteners  instead of refined sugar.

Dining Out
Our experts were as one in telling us to take a large step back from the all-you-can-eat buffet. Is it the open invitation, or feast-or-famine hard-wiring in our DNA? Truth be known, few of us will walk away from a smorgasbord with a well-thought-out selection. In fact, research shows the more varied choices there are in front of us at any meal, the more calories we will consume. Which leads neatly to the second and third strategies here.
1st Avoid all-you-can-eat buffets.
2nd Order entrée-sized meals for yourself  or share a main.
3rd Remember: you don’t need to clear your plate. 
4th Avoid garlic bread and herb breads.
5th Order dressings or sauces on the side.
6th Choose tomato-based sauces on pasta.
7th Choose sorbets or fruit salads for dessert.
8th Fill up on water.

What’s On Your Plate?
With so much choice, how do we decide on good rules to eat and drink by? Actually, it’s clear: simpler is always a healthy option.
1st Unprocessed foods – those closest to their natural state.
2nd ”Naked” foods: fresh fruit and vegetables not covered in fat, salt or sugar.
3rd Protein from lean animal, fish and/or plant sources at every meal (eg, skinless chicken, salmon or beans).
4th High-fibre foods such as wholegrain breads and sweet potato.
5th Plain water (up to eight glasses a day).
6th Low-GI foods such as oats, legumes and —sweet potato.
7th  Foods low in saturated and trans fats  such as rice, nuts and pasta.
8th  Low-fat dairy foods such as skim milk and low-fat yoghurt.
9th Zero-calorie teas.
10th Spicy foods that may speed up your  metabolism, such as chilli.

Top Craving-Busters
Whoever said that losing weight was going to be easy? When the urge to eat hits, you need a well-rehearsed strategy in place. So should you substitute the craving with a lesser evil? Well, no. Drink a glass of water. Distract or divert yourself instead.
1st Distract yourself with activity.
2nd Keep pre-prepared raw vegetable nibbles in your fridge. 
3rd Grab a water bottle.
4th Give yourself ten minutes. Still craving? Just have a little bit of the treat.
5th Eat half a handful of unsalted nuts.
6th Kill it with caffeine – sip a black coffee or a skim latte, or have a cup of tea.
7th Brush your teeth.
8th Chew sugar-free gum.
9th Substitute with a lesser evil. For example, opt for a few potato wedges instead of fries.

What Not To Do
All these were voted no-nos. Here are the ten commandments to banish from your weight-loss rule book.
1st Take laxatives.
2nd Say you’ll “start tomorrow.”
3rd  Eat unlimited amounts of “lite” foods.
4th Skip meals.
5th Eat because you”re tired or stressed rather than hungry.
6th Attempt to cut out fat completely from your food consumption.
7th Think your life will change dramatically once you’re slimmer.
8th Raid the fridge during the night.
9th Weigh yourself daily.
10th Deny yourself treat foods.

Motivate Me
Keeping your resolve is often the hardest part of any weight-loss regime. So anything that helps you stay focused has to be good; but don’t – repeat don’t -do things to beat yourself up, urge the pros. (See what they rank as seventh and eighth.)
1st Tape a list of goals to your fridge.
2nd Keep a food and exercise diary.
3rd Reward yourself with regular non-edible treats, such as movie tickets.
4th Meet up with others trying to lose weight – don’t do it alone. 
5th Have a major reward, such as an overseas trip, as your ultimate goal. 
6th Pay your gym fees fortnightly.
7th Strip off in front of a full-length mirror every night.
8th Buy clothes that are the size you want to be.

How to Fit in More Exercise
Move it – now, always and everywhere where you can put one foot in front of the other. And that basic advice comes way ahead of any complicated fitness plan or expensive personal trainer. (Sorry if that robs you of your last excuse!)
1st Walk – it’s cheap, convenient and a great way to burn fat. 
2nd Be more active in your daily life – take the stairs, park a block away, etc.
3rd Mix up your exercise to prevent boredom.
3rd (tie) Find an exercise friend to keep you company, or a dog or an iPod.
5th Include muscle-strengthening exercises such as push-ups and tricep dips.
6th Have a solid goal in mind, such as running in a ten-kilometre fun run, and then stick to a training plan.
7th Take up dancing or a team sport.
8th Do a few exercises during the ad breaks of your favourite TV show.
9th Get a personal trainer so you use your exercise time effectively.
Best-ever Gadgets
You can easily spend big on weight-loss gadgets, but the basics to encourage healthy habits get the vote by a long, long stride.
1st Walking shoes.
2nd Pedometer.
3rd Treadmill.
4th Calorie-counting books.
5th Bathroom scales.
6th Tape measure.
7th Kitchen scales.
8th Pre-prepared frozen meals.
8th (tie) Meal-replacement systems, such as milkshakes.
10th Herbal teas.
11th Personal exercise and toning devices, such as the AB King Pro, the Leg Magic and the Easy Shaper.
12th Weight-loss pills, patches and nasal sprays.
13th Electric muscle-stimulator devices.

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  喜欢吃香甜诱人的饼干和巧克力几乎是每个女人的爱好,虽然肚子饱了,但为什么还能面不改色心不跳的大吃起来呢?甜食当中所含的糖分,比米饭或面 包中的复合糖质消化速度更快,在胃中停留的时间很短,吃过不久就会感到饿。如果长期空腹食用将导致恶性循环。再者,糖若在血液中急速地增加,便会大量产生 制造脂肪的胰岛素,所以人就会变胖。
  水果不仅能够为人体提供维生素和矿物质,还能,难道喜欢吃水果也是错误的吗?其实,水果与甜食同为单纯糖质,吃的多当然也会导致发胖。一个苹果 的热量和一碗米饭的热量大致相同,吃两个苹果无所谓,可是如果吃两碗米饭就会让爱美的女人惊声尖叫了。所以苹果、橙子等水果一天以两个为限。
  狼吞虎咽的快速吃饭,会在不知不觉中把胃撑大导致。人脑传达出“吃饱”的指令,是在用餐开始后20-30分钟,然而在大脑感到没吃饱之前便狼吞 虎咽的话,就会造成饮食过量。还有,边看电视边吃饭也会不知不觉之间吃得过多。有些人靠一天只吃一顿饭减轻体重,虽然一个月或许减掉几公斤之多,但会损害 身体的。

  有许多人不断在短期内突击减肥,然后忍受不了减肥的痛苦再放弃,如果总是这样忽胖忽瘦、周而复始反反复复,乍看之下以为窈窕者,其实身体内的脂 肪率正不断地增加,这便是所谓的“隐形肥胖”。通常,体重减轻时,脂肪会随着肌肉一起减少,但是再度增加体重时,则只会增加脂肪而不会增加肌肉了。因此, 在不断重复减肥行为之中,就会不知不觉地让脂肪大量的屯积储藏了。



  马无夜草不肥,其实人也是一样的,饭后立刻睡觉会导致肥胖。因为夜间肠胃运动量高,吸收营养于体内屯积。有人养成了吃宵夜的习惯,不但晚餐充 足,而且饭后一口接一口地吃零食,于是乎第二天起床时便没有胃口,早餐不吃,中餐也马马虎虎应付,到了晚上便集中一次吃个够,天长日久变成“脂肪球”。




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  挺挺挺 婀娜身姿挺出来


  这个练习的好处,除了能消耗热量外,还能帮助我们找到挺拔的感觉,自觉地挺胸、收腹、压肩、 紧臀,进而在日常生活中也能时时刻刻保持这种“婷婷玉立”的姿态。我们常常会羡慕好莱坞明星,即使胖,也胖得凹凸有致–这是因为,她们习惯于保持这种 “立壁角”仪态而腹肌练得很紧绷。《流星花园》女主角扮演者徐熙媛说,“逛街久了腹肌都会痛”,也是因为保持“立壁角”仪态的缘故。

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7大女明星 瘦腰秘诀完全记录

Every famous girls have their own secret to a slim perfect's waist! Sharing this and also to motivate myself! All the best to me...


  1. 摇呼啦圈 但是如果你有脊椎上的问题的话,我还是不建议你这么做。
  2.每天爬楼梯 大约10几趟的话,不用1个月包准你的腰部变瘦,肚子上的小肉肉也消掉了,体重也会轻盈些喔!试试吧!
  5.多做利用腰力的运动;如羽球、 游泳、慢跑,对减小腹的脂肪应该会有效果呦!






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Drama: Code Blue (Japanese)

 Love this movie recently...........

Title: Code Blue

Description: If it can be treated one second earlier, the heart might start beating again. If there is one extra helicopter, another life in danger may be saved. If one more life can be saved, the Japanese medical community may regain trust. There are more lives in this country that can be saved. The "Doctor Helicopter" system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally.

Can download from here

Some pictures from the drama----

Yupe, real life story, true story that seen often in A&E.

Life is precious, treasure it, love everyone u really love, use ur time fully, live till max before we go back to our Dear Lord Father.

Till then.

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To be more anorexic

Read this on facebook and other blogs recently, really really very very super hurt. But it's true oso, some of this sentences appear on my dairy when i'm in a very bad anorexic phase.

So now i become fat again, i got to use this to remind myself to make sure my diet plan works again......

1。 胖子沒資格吃! 等你瘦了再說。 
2。 你們給我挺住,都別吃。 都那麼肥了怎麼還有臉吃! 
3。 我跟你說,這是個殘酷的社會。 你別以為有真本事怎麼著,外表更重要。 
4。 女生一定要愛自己。 你就記住:胖子沒前(錢)途! 你再有本事心地再好,也是只是個好胖子。 
5。 不管年紀,漂亮是必須的。 減肥也沒有藉口,你能把自己吃肥就一定能瘦下來。 30多歲的女性應該比20歲女生更有智慧,你應該知道這個社會對女性多挑剔。 必須瘦,不要想太多。 
6。 減肥關鍵就是餓,運動是最沒用的,最多是輔助。 但你想靠運動瘦下來,不可能。 
7。 沒人能幫你,只能靠自己。 如果你不想我喊你胖子就從現在開始別吃了。 喝水去吧,餓就去睡覺。
8。 如果你和我說你不能忍餓問我怎麼辦,我只能說那你別減了。
9。 一個女人如果連自己的體重都控制不了,何以掌控自己的人生! 
10。你們要自己加油。 要證明給自己和一些傻子看。 就算以前是胖子也會有瘦下來變漂亮的一天。 
11。要瘦一定要付出代價的。怕吃苦的太嬌氣的就不要開始了。 沒有好方法,就是忍。 不要問我怎麼忍,就是不要去吃。 
12。大S是一天一香蕉吃3個星期。 所以你看,就是要忍。 為什麼別人能你就不可以? 
13。 看美女一個個活得更滋潤,為啥? 美女漂亮自然一呼百餘輛車接送,任她挑選。 你吶? 拖著臃腫的身軀和妄圖隱藏肥胖的厚厚大衣擠公車? 還是自己在大冷天只能冒著漂移的危險慢慢開車遲到? 
14。 其他女人都能瘦下來你為啥不行! 你是白痴嗎? 你天生就該當肥豬嗎?
15。 女人不對自己狠心,男人就會對女人狠心。
16。 你難道就喜歡別人對你不堪入目的身材指指點點? 就喜歡看著自己喜歡的男生被自己厭惡的女生搶走? 就喜歡每天對著肥大的褲子把自己粗壯的腿塞進去? 就喜歡夏天穿個包得死緊的衣服大汗淋漓走在烈日底下? 就喜歡身邊的臉很醜但很瘦的女人穿著你穿不進的美衣? 體重超過50的女人沒有未來! 只有對自己狠一點!
17。 不瘦下來不准買新衣服! 不瘦下來不准再做頭髮! 你就一直做一個穿過氣衣服的土的掉渣的死胖子吧! 
18。 控制不住嘴巴的人就別鬧騰著減肥! 這不是噁心人嗎! 活該! 死胖子! 活該你這種人就只能對著那些XS的美衣流淚! 夏天要到了! 你那象腿就別自討沒趣地穿裙子了! 你就不怕有人在背後悄悄驚嘆你的勇氣麼! 我比你瘦! 比你努力! 你活該這麼醜!
19。 有男朋友的胖子! 再長肥你男朋友就不要你了! 你當他說你胖胖的很可愛! 說你體型剛好是真的啊! 你是沒長腦子還是咋的! 你男朋友要170CM100公斤你看著可愛不! ! ! 
20。 沒男朋友的胖子! 為什麼沒男朋友知道嗎! 你長這樣誰要你啊! 現在外貌協會的男人遍地都是! 你看看大腿上的肥肉! 小腿上的肌肉! 你是青蛙還是癩蛤蟆啊! ! ! 你看看你那肥死人的胳膊! 你怎麼不去當相撲啊你! 
21。 剛被男朋友甩的胖子! 哇哈哈哈哈哈! 你終於被甩了啊! 你男朋友是只吃只拉的造糞機你也想甩了他是吧! ! ! 還在痛苦裡暴食? ! 那你就等著下個男人也甩了你吧! ! !
22。 吃? 你有資格吃麼? 有臉吃麼? 不覺得自己噁心麼? 還想不想要臉了? 還想不想讓那些看扁你的人大吃一驚? 
23。 美,瘦了一點有什麼用啊,才不要聽別人虛情假意的說,你好像瘦了一點。 瘦一點有什麼用,要就要聽別人說,哇啊! 你好美哦! ! ! 那樣才是美得冒泡。 
24。 要瘦就得付出代價受不了就繼續在胖子行列混,反正世界上胖子這麼多,也不差你一個。
25。 愛吃的女人! 多愛吃啊,少吃一口,能怎樣,能死麼? 多沒吃過東西啊,從小到大,虧著你了麼? 怎麼就那麼不要臉,吃吃吃,看看自己的肥臉,你有什麼資格吃! 死肥婆!

Ya, i had been call Fat girl since young till university year. It's so depressing and so hurting. That's why i decided to become anorexic. And since now my weight is gaining, i really sad again.....Sigh, girls, always want to be slim, always want to be pretty.

Till then.

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Diet and Sleep

Read this from Reader Digest, quite true...

8 Connections Between Diet and Sleep

What you eat or drink in the hours and minutes before bed may make the difference between a restful slumber and a fitful night of tossing and turning

1. Eating too much or too little can disrupt sleep. A light snack at bedtime can promote sleep, but too much food can cause digestive discomfort that leads to wakefulness.

2. Alcohol is a double edged sword. Small amounts of alcohol can help you to fall asleep. But as the body metabolises the alcohol, sleep may become fragmented. Alcohol makes insomnia worse and impairs rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the time when the body is in its restorative phase. It can also dehydrate you, leaving you tired the next day.

3. Caffeine can disturb sleep. For some people, any food or beverage with caffeine in it can disturb sleep. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid it in the afternoon and evening.

4. Cut the fat. If you have a high-fat meal in the evening or eat foods that cause you indigestion and heartburn, your sleep can be disturbed.

5. Do not eat late at night. Sufferers from heartburn or acid reflux should avoid late, heavy meals that delay the emptying of the stomach. Lying down with a full stomach encourages acids and gastric juices to flow up into the esophagus, causing heartburn that disturbs sleep.

6. Drinking fluids too close to bedtime can cause problems. Avoid fluids after dinner to reduce the need to go to the bathroom during the night.

7. Milk and honey promote sleep. Milk contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is a natural dietary sleep inducer. Tryptophan increases the amount of serotonin, a natural sedative, in the brain. This is why so many folk remedies include warm milk with a spoonful of honey, a simple sugar. (Carbohydrates facilitate the entry of tryptophan into the brain.) A turkey sandwich is a sleep-inducing combination of tryptophan and carbohydrates. A banana with milk gives you vitamin B6, which helps to convert tryptophan to serotonin.

8. Helpful herbs. Many herbs are said to be useful for inducing sleep; one of the most popular and reliable is valerian. Its use as a sedative has been supported by research demonstrating that active ingredients in the valerian root depress the central nervous system and relax smooth muscle tissue. Valerian that is brewed into a tea or taken as a capsule or tincture can lessen the time it takes to fall asleep and produce a deep rest. It does not cause dependency or a 'hungover' feeling. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as it has not been studied for these conditions. Other remedies suggested for sleep problems include teas made of chamomile, hops, lemon balm and peppermint, but there is not much evidence that they work.

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Nutox & Nano White Cleanser

I'm sure for those who are born in 1980++ had heard about this brand call Follow Me.
Familiar right? When we're still in primary school, or even younger, Follow Me shampoo is so popular. That time in those 'Emporium', everytime got big event or 'concert', most of it is sponsered by Follow Me....Cause i remember getting lots of free sample from Follow Me when i went to those big events organized in the Emporium...

SO now, this Follow Me company had really expand their business, the two cleansers that i'm going to talk about now is the product by the company with Follow Me brand. Ok, now only i know their company name is Tohtonku Sdn Bhd. Read from their company website, it stated that this company established in 1964, and now it has progressed from a homegrown name into a multinational brand. It is so true.

I came to know more about this product when i'm in a shopping complex and Nutox brand got this exhibition fair there which provides free skin scanning service. Ok, i know once i sit down to got my skin scan, no matter how good is my skin, the machine will detect some problem which this brand will definitely have a product that suites me. This is sales right? Anyway, i still went over to had this skin scan and listen to the sales talk by the sales girl. I walk out from the exhibition fair empty handed of course, because i just swap my debit card for that super expensive shu uemura products few weeks before that....T_T

But i'm really impressed by this brand, because this brand contain bird's nest and they swear their products are "parabens free".

To make their product more valuable, they are advertised as "The original pioneer of the No.1 Bird's Nest Skincare", together with oxyfusion (oxygen therapy), which is a process that oxygenates active bird's nest ingredients directly on the skin, this skincare products are rated as the "most effective bird's nest skincare".

Sound very very great and promising right?!!

Yeah, indeed, it really does delivered what it promise!!! I'm so super surprise by the result of this Nutox Oxyfusion product.

Nutox Oxyfusion Wrinkle Away Cleanser 100ml RM 16.90

It is cheap, i got this from Watson. The smell is nice, not very foamy but enough to clean the face thoroughly, easily apply. After using, the skin felt refresh and moisturize!! I'm serious, this cleanser really good!!! I just finish two bottles and now i'm considering buying the third one...

A small tips for everyone - Please buy this cleanser from Watson or Guardian, or Tesco as the price at other shopping market is RM3-4 ringgit more expensive...It is priced as RM19.90 in one super market i visited recently..

Another product from Tohtonku that i had tried is this

Nano White Microfoliating Clay Cleanser 100ml RM 17.90

Honestly, i don't know much about this brand, but i had try a few free samples of the Day and Night whitening cream of this brand before. Had good impression on the cream as it really make my skin looks brighter. So i try their cleanser as well.

Well, this cleanser is not as good as the Nutox one. It's a microfoliating clay cleanser, so it's something like a scrub. It's stated on the cleanser that fine clay is widely used in Japan to replace scrub. The natural sea clay used in this cleanser helps to draw out impurities trapped within the pores. It smoothens uneven patches without stripping its natural protective film.

Nanotechnology - help in transporting Nanowhite active ingredients more effectively deeper into the root of the epidermis.
Endorphne Aromachology - the well-being molecules and induces a sense of happiness and good mood. -relaxes and opens up the pores for better absorption of the Omega White-C, giving the skin an instant five times fairer and radiance from within.
Omega White-C - helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones and brown spots. -helps to reduce the signs of ageing.
Nanowhitetm skincare technology enhances absorption through this approach: • Aromatic scent opens up pores • Smaller nano molecules penetrate pores much faster
I don't see any difference in my face after using this cleanser. It's like any other normal cleanser. Anyway, this brand star product is the Day and Night whitening cream, so i don't blame the normal quality of their cleanser. For those who really looking for whitening products that is cheap and effective, can consider their whitening cream! 

Product Website:http://tohtonku.com.my/index.html

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Bio essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser

Bio essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser 100ml RM 21.80

I got this from Watson as well when i'm looking for a cheap cleanser. And this sales person come to me and told me they got promotion on Bio-essence product, and start telling me this product contain bird nest very good got moisturizing effect also can whiten the skin blah blah blah. Since my purpose is just to get a cheap cleanser and come out, i bought this cleanser with the price RM21.80. Honestly, i have high expectation on this cleanser cause this brand spent so much on advertisement and it contain bird's nest. But it turns out that it is not as good as expected. I'm quite disappointed with this cleanser. First when i used it, i thought it will moisturize my skin, but it doesn't. Also during application, the texture is not smooth so my skin felt tight during application. After using, my skin still felt dry, and i don't see any whitening effect even after using for a month. Disappointing. Anyway, maybe cause my skin not used to this product. I believe is not the problem of the bird nest, cause i love using Nutox cleanser, it contain bird nest too, and it is one of my favourite product now...
Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser is a gentle deep cleanser which effectively removes dirt and impurities on the skin’s surface without striping the skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Angelica extract, Ginseng extract and other natural herbal ingredients to smoothen and soften the skin; Bird’s Nest Essence to provide nourishment and Amino Acid Skin Whitening Complex for a fairer, brighter complexion.

Benefits: • Deeply cleanses and removes impurities trapped in pores • Skin feels refreshed without any feeling of tightness after use • Bird’s Nest Essence is rich in nutrients to keep the skin moist and soft
Directions: Squeeze a small amount onto your palm and lather with water. Massage onto face in a circular motion and rinse off with water.

Product Website: http://bioessence.com.sg/

Ever wonder what is bird's nest and why is bird nest so precious?? I got this from their website. Probably the effect is over exaggerated, but i think the basic benefits still there.

What Really Is Bird’s Nest?
Bird’s Nest comes from the Collocallia species of swiftlet birds which inhibit the mountains around South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia). Shaped like a bowl and about 3-5 inches in diameter, this intricate web of solidified saliva and other materials is formed by the male swiftlet during the breeding season in April.

In Chinese societies throughout the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is commonly used to treat diseases and enhance health. Being one of the TCMs, edible bird's nest is usually double boiled with rock sugar to make a delicacy known as "bird's nest soup"

The medicinal use of edible bird's nest dates back to 17th century. It is believed to help boost the immune and respiratory system for speedy recovery, preventing “internal dryness”, increasing metabolism rate and cell reproductive capacity for cell repair within our bodies and other health enhancing effects such as anti-ageing and growth promoting properties.

Bird's nest contains a high concentration of up to 85% water soluble glycoprotein, amino acids, and Epidermic Growth Factors that promote cell growth and tissue repair. Consequently, the process of ageing is retarded through the antioxidant content in the bird's nest. Besides, minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium also increase the body's resistance against disease.

What are Epidermic Growth Factors? Epidermic Growth Factors (EGFs) are proteins which exist naturally in the human body. EGFs stimulate cell division and regeneration to enhance the process of skin repair in order to maintain skin’s elasticity and vitality. From the age of 25, the EGFs in the body will begin to decrease naturally, causing the skin’s regenerative ability to slow down. Bird’s Nest is found to contain a high level of EGFs, hence, it is known as a highly effective anti-aging and nourishing ingredient to help improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and radiance.

 So that's why it's stated BIG BIG there BIRD's NEST cleanser. When people heard of bird's nest, everyone will want to try it. Somemore this cleanser is not that expensive, so is a good try!

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Oslee Rosehip Moisturizing cleanser

Oslee Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser 110ml RM 39.90

I got this from Watson. Product from Hong Kong. I read from few magazines that O'slee brand is a very good brand, especially their BB cream is good. But i just bought a BB cream that time, so i decided to try other product of O'slee. And since my cleanser is finishing, so i bought this. I normally buy cheap cleanser with the price lower than RM 25, but this time, i got this for RM39.90 just because i wanted to try O'slee product. =_=

Oh well, this cleanser good, the rosehip smell is really nice. The design is quite economical as you can feel the whole bottle is fully packed with the cleanser, and the mouth of the bottle is super small, so even you squeeze too hard, you won't waste much of the cleanser. (I hate cleanser with bottle mouth so big that sometime i accidentally squeeze too hard, i wasted a huge portion of the cleanser)

This cleanser lasted for about 3 months, even i used it every day n night (except weekends when i put make up so got to use cleansing oil in stead of normal cleanser). So i would say, although the price is relatively high compare to those normal cleanser which cost about RM19.90 each, it does worth the money. After using it, the skin felt refresh and clean. Also, it has moisturizing property, so skin won't feel dry after using. Recommend for those looking for cleanser with nice scent and cleanser with economical design!

Mild Cleansing : Rich-Foam formula deeply penetrates into pores, purifies dirt. Skin looks transparent and radiant after used. Extra Hydrating: With Rosehip extract, leaving skin smooth and relaxed after used. Extra moisture is provided to skin.
Application: Lather up Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser on your palm. Gently massage on damped face with circular motion. Rinse with warm water.

Product Website: http://www.oslee.com.my/

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