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Oslee Rosehip Moisturizing cleanser

Oslee Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser 110ml RM 39.90

I got this from Watson. Product from Hong Kong. I read from few magazines that O'slee brand is a very good brand, especially their BB cream is good. But i just bought a BB cream that time, so i decided to try other product of O'slee. And since my cleanser is finishing, so i bought this. I normally buy cheap cleanser with the price lower than RM 25, but this time, i got this for RM39.90 just because i wanted to try O'slee product. =_=

Oh well, this cleanser good, the rosehip smell is really nice. The design is quite economical as you can feel the whole bottle is fully packed with the cleanser, and the mouth of the bottle is super small, so even you squeeze too hard, you won't waste much of the cleanser. (I hate cleanser with bottle mouth so big that sometime i accidentally squeeze too hard, i wasted a huge portion of the cleanser)

This cleanser lasted for about 3 months, even i used it every day n night (except weekends when i put make up so got to use cleansing oil in stead of normal cleanser). So i would say, although the price is relatively high compare to those normal cleanser which cost about RM19.90 each, it does worth the money. After using it, the skin felt refresh and clean. Also, it has moisturizing property, so skin won't feel dry after using. Recommend for those looking for cleanser with nice scent and cleanser with economical design!

Mild Cleansing : Rich-Foam formula deeply penetrates into pores, purifies dirt. Skin looks transparent and radiant after used. Extra Hydrating: With Rosehip extract, leaving skin smooth and relaxed after used. Extra moisture is provided to skin.
Application: Lather up Rosehip Moisturizing Cleanser on your palm. Gently massage on damped face with circular motion. Rinse with warm water.

Product Website: http://www.oslee.com.my/

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